New ISIS Feature Length Movie Constitutes Serious Terror Threat Against America

Last Tuesday, ISIS' Al Hayat Media Center released a Hollywood-style trailer showing a one minute "taste of things to come." The full version of their new movie entitled, Flames of War: Fighting Has Just Begun, was released on Friday.

It's clear that both the trailer and the feature length movie, which runs for a brutal 55 minutes, should be in the genre of "horror movies" as the footage is gruesome to the extreme, flashing disturbing images of death and torture, all of course, in the name of "Jihad."

The movie, which is filmed in a reality-documentary style, shows what ISIS is capable of as it threatens America with terror for alleged meddling in Middle Eastern affairs.

The International Business Times reports that the film is narrated in perfect English by a man with an American or Canadian accent who states, "A proxy war won't help you in Sham (Syria) just as it didn't help you in Iraq. As for the near future, you will be forced into a direct confrontation."

That message at the end of the movie refers to President Obama's insistence that he won't send U.S. troops to Syria, or back to Iraq, despite the threat ISIS poses to him and the American people, not to mention the Europeans and the rest of the world.

The movie has been produced very professionally, clearly by highly educated people who utilized the highest quality equipment and cinematic techniques, including portions filmed in night-vision.

The plot of the Flames of War movie isn't too complex really; a lot of murder and destruction of innocent people and their families in Syria and Iraq, but it does get even more gory in the last five minutes of the flick, as Syrian soldiers captured in Raqqa are shown digging their own graves.

The movie also has an "international" theme, as it features parts of former US President George W. Bush's speeches, including one after bombings in Iraq in which he said, "the United States and our allies have prevailed." The narrator then claims "he lied, the flames were just beginning to intensify."

It's just as well the new ISIS flick isn't in movie theaters, and thankfully is limited just to the internet, for now. It certainly isn't worth paying to see and frankly is a disgraceful and cynical mockery of everything America and the free world stands for.

Our advice is, don't expect a sequel, as ISIS may not be around for long enough to make one.