‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Ladies Arrive in L.A.: Who Are This Season’s Contestants?

Bachelor Chris Soules’ season starts filming this week and Reality Steve has already leaked out photos of some of the ladies the Iowa farmer will be greeting at the Bachelor mansion on Thursday night. For fans who are expecting Chris’ girls to be wholesome country girls, think again. The first round of contestants include a calendar girl, a model, and a nurse — and they are all blonde bombshells.

The new season of the Bachelor won’t air until January 2015, but Reality Steve already has details on not only the girls who will try to win over Soules’ heart, but the filming schedule and at least one of the locations that Chris will travel to with his wanna-be wives.

Iowa State Fair- 2014 Governor’s Charity Steer Show #IowaStateFair pic.twitter.com/BJ9kZgEhSC

— Chris Soules (@C_Soules) August 12, 2014

The king of spoilers reports that 25 girls will arrive in LA on September 23, with filming set to start on Thursday, September 25. That means Bachelor Chris Soules will be standing on that always-wet driveway on Thursday night greeting all of the ladies and wondering which one may end up being the farmer’s wife. Although filming will start at the Bachelor Mansion, the first stop outside of California will reportedly be New Mexico.

Chris Soules will likely fall in love with one or more ladies this season, and host Chris Harrison is positive that fans will be equally enamored with the new Bachelor. Harrison told USA Today that Soules is “a good man” and that the millionaire farmer “really wants to find a wife and live the American dream.”

“He’s a small-town farmer from Iowa, fourth-generation land baron. If you say he’s just a farmer, you’re missing it. He’s a millionaire.”

So, who are the ladies who could potentially take the handsome farmer off the market? Reality Steve released the names of three ladies who he is confident will be stepping out of the limo to meet Bachelor Chris Soules this Thursday night.

If Steve’s spoilers are correct, three of the 25 ladies heading to Los Angeles this week are Tandra Steiner, 30; Whitney Bishoff, 29; and Evie Steenhoek, 30.

Steiner is reportedly an Executive Assistant at Overstock.com, but she is also a part-time model. It’s unclear how much modeling work is available in Arlington, Iowa, but perhaps she could model at the state fair if she ends up getting the final rose.

Bischoff is originally from Kentucky, but now now lives in Chicago where she is a registered nurse at a fertility center. That should make for some interesting discussions with Chris, considering he told Good Morning America that he wants to have four to six children.

The third contestant, Evie Steenhoek reportedly attended both University of Oklahoma and Northeastern State University and has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. Apparently she’s been using her marketing skills to get her work as a calendar girl. Reality Steve reports that Steenhoek is one of the girls featured in the MyBombshells.com calendar. Will she arrive at the mansion dressed up as a pinup girl with a personalized calendar in hand to give Chris?

Viewers will have to wait until January to see which girls make the most memorable entrances, who is cast as this season’s drama-queen, and who gets Bachelor Chris Soules’ first impression rose. Until then, fans will have to rely on Reality Steve‘s almost-always accurate information about the ladies who will be competing for a chance to become the farmer’s wife.