WWE: Daniel Bryan’s Injury Bad Enough To Make Brie Bella Quit ‘Total Divas’

When Daniel Bryan’s injury happened the WWE Universe echoed with cries of “no! no! no!” It turns out that his neck was so messed up that his wife Brie Bella had to quit Total Divas and manufacture the feud with Stephanie McMahon.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Dave Batista claims that Vince McMahon should have been “selling” Bryan’s “injury” at WrestleMania 30 in order to make it more believable.

Unfortunately, the real life injury won’t have Bryan crawling off a stretcher in order to take down other WWE champions. The good news is that the WWE superstar will not require a second surgery, although it’s said that Daniel Bryan’s return will be “lackluster,” and he probably won’t be given a shot at Brock Lesnar in order to reclaim his lost WWE Championship belt.

In a recent interview on Talk Is Jericho, Brie Bella revealed that her feud with Stephanie McMahon was easily the highest point of her career. She says her dream match from years ago had always been Stephanie, and could not believe it actually happened with the blessing of Vince McMahon.

Unfortunately, this career highlight was also fairly bittersweet. The storyline had her husband being forced to make a decision between keeping his WWE Championship title or having Brie fired. Instead, Brie got to slap Stephanie full in the face only to quit. According to E! Online, this story was apparently invented only so Brie could tend to her hurting husband.

“Bryan and I realized his injury was more complex and that he needed more time to heal,” Brie said. “But the best part about it is I quit on television as a storyline, just so I could stay home and help Bryan through this really hard time.”

Daniel Bryan’s return to the WWE ring is probably tentative, and conditional based upon doctor approval, but it’s believed the WWE is hoping that Bryan’s neck might be good enough in time for the Survivor series.