What Does Daily Human Happenings Look Like Through An MRI Machine? [Video]

For most people, magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, are only used when doctors look to see if something is wrong with a person. True, there are times when they are used for other reasons, such as observing a baby in the womb, but usually MRI is for diagnosis. The Inquisitr has reported numerous times in which MRI has been an important utility, such as Justin Verlander’s MRI of his shoulder showing the Detroit Tigers pitcher had more to worry about than anyone knew. And for men needing prostate exams, the improvement of MRI imaging is actually a blessing.

Now, Vox has uploaded a very interesting video involving MRI. The thing that must be reported about MRI tech is that it doesn’t use harmful radiation, meaning technicians can generate more images, enough to make a moving picture. Ergo, Vox’s new video on Youtube is cinematic MRIs which offer an impressive view of the human body and human life.

Uploaded onto their Youtube page and reported by IFL Science, the video shows animated MRI cinematics of everyday human life. The first one is someone drinking pineapple juice followed by a horn player playing the horn. The constant movement of his tongue shows just how active it is during the course of time it takes to play a song. Next is two people communicating, which emphasizes the activity of vocal cords as well as the air leaving the body through speech.

The latter half of the video gets more interesting as it shows two people kissing. If you look closely, you can tell that the kiss is surely french as one tongue jets into the mouth of the other. Then the next scene is probably the most shocking as it shows two people having sex. Since it is through MRI pictures, it isn’t anything most people would expect. Finally, the video ends with the formation of a fetus in the womb to childbirth.

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[Image via Video Screenshot]