Video Gaming Legend Steve Wiebe Attempts to Reclaim ‘King of Kong’

Nothing can beat the heat of competition on who really is the king of Donkey Kong. With this, Twiistup, Southern California’s signature event connecting professionals from the worlds of technology, media and entertainment, announced that gamer Steve Wiebe is attending its July 17 event as he hopes to dominate the Donkey Kong video game at the Twiistup 4 arcade.

In 2007, Wiebe’s quest to take the world high score from then Donkey Kong champion Billy Mitchell was documented in the film ‘The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters’. This time, Wiebe will compete for the highest score of record at the Twiistup 4 arcade, giving attendees the chance to put their video game skills to the test as well as learn more about the ups and downs of Wiebe’s world record holder mission.

“I am thrilled to take part in such an exciting event like Twiistup,” said arcade king Steve Wiebe. “Not only does this give me an opportunity to break the Donkey Kong top score, but I also get the chance to meet some of the brightest and innovative minds in Southern California.”