Organizers At Huge Border Protest Had To Cancel Because Cartel Threatened A ‘Blood Bath’

The powder keg situation at the southern border is growing steadily in exposure. The Inquisitr reported on this multiple times, including news that suggests our president, Barack Obama, doesn’t care at all about the border conflict. The situation has gotten much worse in recent weeks, as the terrorist organization ISIS was reportedly only 15 minutes away from the border. There’s also the possibility that they could team up with Mexican drug cartels. Overall, the border is a mess, and its protections and statutes needs some overhauling, as stated by many Americans.

On Saturday morning (September 20), one activist group lead a protest known as “Shut Down All Ports of Entry,” in which they would protest peacefully at six ports of entry into the United States. However, they had to cancel the event due to threats by cartels, who promised a “blood bath.”

According to an article by Breitbart, event organizer Stasyi Barth stated that the event is for Patriotic Americans who feel strongly about the nation’s sovereignty and who want to bring Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi back home. Sgt. Tahmooressi, who claims his entry into Mexico was accidental, is being held at a jail for allegedly crossing the border with weapons that are illegal in the country.

Barth said there will be no militia groups welcome at the event, as clarified in the following statement.

“This is NOT a militia event. No militia groups have been involved in the organizing of this event, nor are they planning on participating. The mere mention of ‘militia’ draws fears and headlines, which is obviously the intent of the media.

We are standing up for law enforcement, not against them. This is a peaceful protest to air our grievances to our government, as allowed by the Constitution.”

The original plan was to block ports of entry located at Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. For Texas, they include Laredo, Rio Grande City, Presidio, Hildago, Brownsville, and Del Rio. Arizona has Naco, Nogales, Douglas, and San Luis. New Mexico has Columbus and Santa Theresa. Finally, California has Calexico West, Calexico East, Stay Mesa, Tecate, and San Ysidro.

However, the protest was cancelled just hours before it was supposed to happen because of threats by cartels who promised a “blood bath.” According to The Blaze, Stasyi Barth cited the threat of violence and suspicious activity as the reasons for the cancellation on the group’s Facebook page.

“Your lives, and the lives of our law enforcement, are more important than any protest.”

As of now, there seems to be no backlash, but want do you think about the situation? Do you believe there is a greater need for border support over the fact that Mexican cartels promised a “blood bath” for a peaceful protest? Did the critical statements by government officials branding the protest as a militia movement help our hurt its cause? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Image via San Ysidro Port of Entry]