Rush Limbaugh Says That The Richest Man In China Used Reaganomics — Is This For Real?

For most Americans, as well as those who live outside of the United States, the perceived view of the American dream in general is fame and riches. This can easily be proven because The Inquisitr has reported numerous times about people gaining a fortune. Previous articles covered people finding winning lotto tickets, such as a man who found a $2.9 million winning ticket, or a woman who found her winning lotto ticket after cleaning leaves following Hurricane Sandy.

But what about people who earned millions of dollars through good business or stock market decisions? What about them? Well, the richest man in China is getting a lot of attention, and he explains how he earned his billions. However, his story and methods are now being labeled by Rush Limbaugh as something people still can’t believe: Reaganomics.

According to Bloomberg, Jack Ma emerged as China’s richest man before the Alibaba IPO. He has a net worth of $21.8 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. His assets include a 7.3 percent economic interest in China’s largest e-commerce business — which is preparing for what could be the largest initial public offering in U.S. history — and almost half of the parent of Alipay, a separate online-payment service which wasn’t included in his net worth calculation. Tony Hsu, a portfolio manager at Dalton Investments, believes Jack Ma has the middle class to thank for his wealth.

“The wealth creation in China has been quite rapid, particularly among entrepreneurs such as Jack Ma that have created businesses that benefit China’s burgeoning middle class.”

It is in a follow up with The Blaze that we hear Rush Limbaugh relate what Jack Ma is doing as Reaganomics. For those who don’t know what that is, it is simply “trickle-down” economics, which was a view made very popular by Ronald Reagan. Limbaugh was just surprised that Jack Ma was talking about helping others when Ma said the following.

“After I’m a 50 years old, which is today 50 years old, I will spending money trying to making sure more people get rich, because you cannot spend all the money, right? So, my job is spending money, helping others.”

That statement alone is amazing because it is coming from a Chinese businessman who lives in a country that is still considered a communist country, especially in the West. By what Limbaugh says, Ma’s pro-capitalist message is the exact opposite of what’s occurring in this country.

“This is unreal! We have a ChiCom guy talking about the benefits, the fun, the happiness, the worthwhile of getting rich — and in this country, what’s going on? The rich are hated and despised. Well, except for Zuckerberg and Buffett and Gates, and the Kennedys. Everywhere else the rich are despised. They’re suspects. They’re accused offing be criminals. And here’s this guy, Jack Ma, talking about Reaganomics!

“I guarantee you, when he says help people get rich, he doesn’t mean welfare. When he says he gonna spend money to make people rich, it means he’s gonna hire them, and he’s gonna build up businesses where they work so that their productivity will lead to raises and maybe good careers.

“Wake up. Well, you people are awake. But I mean we’ve got gazillions of people in a daze, just asleep. Maybe in a way you can’t blame ’em. They’re pounded every day. They’re literally hit over the head every day about how rotten it is in this country and how there is no future.”

What do you think about Jack Ma and his attitude towards capitalism? Do you think Rush Limbaugh is being honest when he says the rich in America are the ones “pounding the middle class” to the point they feel there is no future? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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