TNA News: TNA Doesn’t Want To Sign Any Of Their Talent To A Long-Term Deal

TNA Wrestling has been going through a bit of a rough patch, it would seem. They are not guaranteed any real TV deal, and the deals that are on the table aren’t as much as TNA would like. This is mainly because those deals do not offer enough to really work with, as a lot of the talent in TNA have contracts that need to be renewed soon and the company cannot offer anyone the type of deal they were used to seeing.

This has led to TNA not signing any talent to a long-term deal that has an expiring contract lately. According to WrestleZone, the idea is that due to not having a good TV deal in play, they do not want to sign anyone to a long-term contract, but they are willing to offer most per-date deals. They would like to know what they have TV deal wise before signing or declining to sign anyone to a contract, which will require the talent guaranteed money. TNA can guarantee a day or two, but a long-term contract would force them to potentially pay money they cannot pay out.

This might be a better move for TNA currently, as many of their wrestlers have left the company because TNA offered low-ball contracts that were insulting to many wrestlers. While the talent did try to bring up the contract money, TNA was not willing to budge much, causing people to depart from the company. If TNA offered per-date deals, they could keep a lot of the talent they currently have.

Once a new TV deal comes up, they can decide whether or not to keep a talent or not. It would be better than losing them while they are still trying to entice TV Networks. If you keep losing big names, or at least long-term TNA fixtures, that won’t help in network negotiations.

TNA has been rumored to have interest from VELOCITY Network, a network owned by Discovery. However, the money they are offering is no where near what TNA wants. The rumored networks might offer more, but the reason they are rumored might be because TNA sent out red herrings so that they can negotiate for higher money with other networks that do, in fact, have interest in them.

Another current rumor is that many of those with expiring contracts simply do not want to stay with TNA, such as Kurt Angle. Angle has been teasing a return to WWE. This would be the fifth big star for the company that has left TNA this year alone. Bully Ray has been said to have signed a short-term deal through to Bound For Glory, so that he can finish up things with TNA and go into their Hall of Fame. After that, it is up in the air if he will come back.

This is why many claim that TNA might not want to sign anyone to a long-term deal for a while, not just until they have a TV deal. The reason many believe is that TNA can offer more daily to a talent than in contract form. It is a case of having the money now versus then. So a talent is smart to sign a short-term deal or per-date deal, as it would offer them more money in the long run. Whether or not TNA continues to do it is another thing entirely. However, most experts do not think it would be out of the norm.

TNA has a lot of talent on their roster still, so they have enough to give out a two-hour product to any network. The main issue most feel is that TNA will lose their best talent to the Indy scene, where many can make a good living these days. They also risk them jumping to WWE, which seems like the new “IT” place for younger talent due to the rise of NXT. Whatever happens, many think TNA will stick around for a while. Whether or not their current flock of wrestlers will is another thing entirely.

[IMG Credits: DeviantArt, TNAsylum]