WWE News: Kurt Angle Hinting That He May Be Returning To The WWE In January

In what can only be seen as big news, former WWE World Champion Kurt Angle may be returning to the place where it all started, World Wrestling Entertainment. Angle left WWE back in 2006 to go to TNA Wrestling, a place that had really just gotten started. He was the biggest addition to the team yet and quickly became the company’s top star and remained that since.

For the last year or so, Angle has hinted at leaving TNA Wrestling. There was a rumor that he spoke with WWE but they didn’t offer him a deal. This could have changed however as Angle hinted at Ring Rust Radio that he would be signing a new deal somewhere other than TNA very soon, even before his TNA deal was up, saying…

“Well right now I’m not at liberty to say where I’m going but I will tell you I’m going to do the right thing for me and my family. I am in the process of structuring a deal and I do have a company in mind. I haven’t said yes because I want to make it a public thing with the company and myself. I can’t really say who it is or where I’m going but I can tell you it’s going to happen in the next two weeks before my contract is even up. I won’t be wrestling until January but there will be a signing in the next couple of weeks.”

If he was staying with TNA, he probably would not want to be secretive about the move. Clearly he has been with TNA a long time, and if he signed a new deal, he’d be more than willing to tell the world that. However, he he signed with WWE, he’d have to keep it under wraps for a while, At least until January.

Kurt Angle TNA

If Angle has a no compete clause, he would not be able to wrestle until January with a televised company. The only other televised companies around are Ring of Honor and Global Force Wrestling. GFW is also set for a big TV scene on CMT. Sadly, neither could supply Angle with enough to come in. Jeff Jarrett could never lure in Angle after their history and ROH most likely doesn’t have the money for him.

WWE really is the only other option outside of TNA Wrestling. He claims he is doing what is right for his family, and usually when that is said, WWE is the usual culprit. They pay the most as they are the top wrestling promotion in the world with millions to spare. After the success of other part-timers coming in, it seems obvious that WWE would bring in a guy like Angle.

Angle has a lot left in the tank as well as he could be a big part of WWE for the next few years full time before he leaves the world of wrestling for good. Angle probably cannot talk too much about things as he has to pass WWE physicals and what not. However, if Ric Flair can pass all of those tests to wrestle again, I am sure Kurt Angle can. When will see Angle in WWE? If he cannot wrestle until January, probably then.

Some say that his injury is the reason for the delay in his ring return. However, this is what you could call a mask. It reveals a little that you might consider, but there is something else underneath. Angle was scheduled to return to the ring by October for full contact. So his injury will in no way keep him from the ring until January. That being said, it seems like a WWE return is all but confirmed for the Olympic Gold Medalist.

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