Welsh Baby Girl Born With Two Front Teeth, Mother Anxious To Breastfeed

A 25-year-old Welsh mother was worried about breastfeeding her newborn, as she was born with two front teeth.

Chloe gave birth to 7-pound Rose Esme Pullen on August 22, and was surprised to see that she already had two fully-grown front teeth.

“I had a cesarean so I was under general anesthetic but when I came round my husband told me our daughter had teeth.”

Baby Rose quickly caught the attention of hospital staff, as the midwives have never seen anything like that before, Mirror UK reports. However, Rose is not the first baby born with two front teeth. Doctors say that it happens in one out of 3,000 babies. Most newborns develop their teeth at about six months.

Daniel, Chloe’s husband, was also shocked to see their daughter’s front teeth and he took a picture to send to their friend and family.

According to Wales Online, Rose is not the first in her family to be born with two front teeth. Chloe said it may be hereditary, as her mother was also born with two front teeth.

“Apparently, it can be hereditary. My mum didn’t realize she had been born with teeth until her sister told her after Rose was born.”

Chloe was anxious about breastfeeding baby Rose, but she said that it didn’t hurt, and that she didn’t feel her teeth. Rose’s teeth, which grew out of her lower gums, were removed 3 days later. She is expected to grow a new set of baby teeth.

Rose has an older brother, 2-year-old Thomas. Chloe said that she had to feed Rose using a milk bottle until the teeth came out, but she went back to breastfeeding when the teeth were taken out.

“I was given a little tooth fairy box at her baby shower and I never thought I would be using it so soon. I also never expected that she would get a visit from the tooth fairy before her brother!”

After the teeth were removed, Rose’s parents decided to keep them in a jar.

Teeth that are present when a baby is born are called natal teeth. Though they look like regular teeth, they have little root structure and are usually wobbly and not well-formed. It is recommended to remove natal teeth in a newborn, as they can cause irritation to the baby and there is also a risk of the baby choking or breathing in the tooth when it comes loose.

[Images via Mirror UK]