Kaley Cuoco Talks Having A Baby And Hiring ‘Strippers’ For Her Husband [Video]

Kaley Cuoco really wants a baby, but her new rescue dog is making her think that getting knocked up sometime soon might not be the best idea.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Big Bang Theory star made it very clear that kids are in the cards for her and husband Ryan Sweeting. However, according to Us Weekly, Kaley Cuoco’s parenting practice isn’t going so well. Cuoco recently became the proud mommy of a rescue pup named Ruby, and the actress has a tough time keeping up with the crafty canine.

“Got a real small one, a little rescue. We do want to have kids, but I’m a little… I lost this dog in the backyard so many times that I’m afraid I need to practice on not losing her so I don’t actually lose my child.”

Luckily, Kaley always manages to find her very photogenic pet. Cuoco’s love for Ruby is very evident on her Instagram page, which is full of pictures and videos of the pup.

“Seeing Ruby this happy, makes getting up early way less sucky,” Kaley captioned the video below.

It’s obvious that Ruby is one of Cuoco’s biggest fans.

According to E! Online, Kaley Cuoco adopted Ruby this summer. The Big Bang Theory star actually met the lucky dog while filming an E! News segment, and it wasn’t long before Ruby joined Kaley’s furry family. Cuoco is also a horse lover, and she has three pit bull rescues named Shirley, Loretta, and Norman. Ruby might be smaller than the other dogs, but she has no problem blending right in with the bunch.

Kaley told E! that she’s definitely going to teach her kids to be kind to animals, and whenever the Big Bang Theory star decides to expand her family by adding another human to the equation, her child is going to get some of the best birthday parties ever. During her Ellen interview, Cuoco talked about how much she enjoys planning parties, and she couldn’t help humble-bragging about the huge birthday bash that she threw for husband Ryan Sweeting back in July.

The actress hired a mermaid to hang out by the pool and look pretty, and she also employed some scantily-clad women to put on a show for the lucky birthday boy. However, the lovely ladies didn’t reveal too much skin.

“I hired synchronized swimmers to dance to our favorite song, which is One Direction’s [‘What Makes You Beautiful’]. It was my version of strippers, and that was the closest thing I was gonna do. That was the strippers. They were in the water and they were all [synchronized].”

Kaley also talked to DeGeneres about her decision to cut her hair. She kept going shorter and shorter, and she finally decided to take the plunge by going full Peter Pan. Cuoco said that she asked for “the Ellen” when she got her pixie cut.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kaley will rock the shorter hairstyle on The Big Bang Theory. She managed to convince the show’s writers to write her new ‘do into the script for the first episode of Season 8, so who knows? Maybe Penny will get pregnant whenever Kaley does.

Who do you think will end up pregnant first, Kaley Cuoco or her Big Bang Theory character?