Alabama Middle School Uses 14-Year-Old Girl As ‘Rape Bait’ In Sting, Suffers Horrific Assault

If there is one atrocious transgression humanity commits that even hardened convicts find appalling, it is rape. The Inquisitr previously reported about some of the most heinous acts of rape over the course of the year, including the horrific reality that 90 percent of 1.5 million homeless children in Pakistan experience sexual assault. Additionally, 80 percent of women crossing the border also suffering the same fate. There are also countless isolated incidents of the crime committed not just by men, but also women as well.

However, what would happen if a girl was used as “rape bait” for a sting? That is what administrators at an Alabama middle school did when they used a 14-year-old girl to draw out a sexually aggressive male student. However, the sting was botched, and the girl was sodomized in a horrific rape.

According to an article by Mad World News, the girl (who remained nameless for privacy reasons) reported to teachers in recent weeks of the advances of a 16-year-old boy in which he wanted sex in the school’s bathroom. She refused every single tim,e but still she sought help, eventually turning to a teacher’s aide, June Simpson. Simpson then reported the situation to the principal, Ronnie Blair. In turn, Blair said that the boy could not be punished because he had not been caught in the act.

This is when the story gets a little disturbing.

Because of Ronnie Blair’s statement, June Simpson devised a plan in which the girl was told to accept the bathroom offer with the boy. She would then arrange administrators to catch the boy in the act before the incident would advance. The girl originally turned down the offer, but was coerced by administrators to proceed. The girl went through with the plan, but none of the administrators showed up. As a result, she was raped. A medical evaluation following the attack showed bruises as well as confirmation that she was sodomized.

When the middle school’s administrators were able to avoid behind held responsible for the botched sting, the girl’s parents sought legal action. In conclusion, the court ultimately ruled that the family has the right to file a Title IX lawsuit against the school, which makes a recipient of federal funds (school district) liable for the deliberate indifference to known acts of sexual peer pressure.

The sad truth is that this situation could have been avoided if the school took into account the teen boy’s record. According to the original report by AL, the boy hit a student in 2008 and was given an in-school suspension. In February 2009, he was suspended for sexual harassment. In April 2009, he was suspended again for disrespecting a teacher. Then in the fall of 2009, he paid another student to beat up a girl, told off a bus driver, and inappropriately touched and groped a girl. In short, the boy had a lot of past issues.

What do you think about this situation? Should the administration at the middle school compensate the girl who suffered during the botched sting? Did the school cross the line by using a student as “rape bait” in a sting operation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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