Liam Payne ‘Nude’ Photos Get Twitter Worked Up

Liam Payne recently removed all clothes, sat around on a bed with another naked dude, and allowed someone to snap his photograph. Allegedly!

One Direction fans love posting all sorts of naughty things on Twitter, including bizarre NSFW rants about Liam’s penchant for public masturbation to fantasies about what they would do if the singer somehow found his way into their beds. It’s disturbing, entertaining, and fascinating at the same time. Social media is a weird and wonderful world.

When someone claims to have authentic photos of Liam Payne lounging around in his birthday suit, people can’t wait to get their hands on it. What’s more, they’re more than willing to share the images in question without realizing that it’s probably 100 percent fake.

Since the photos are more than a little revealing — too risque to embed here — you’ll have to do some footwork if you’re at all curious to see them with your own eager eyes.

While the guy in the photo does look a little like Liam Payne — even this writer had to do a double take — several fans were quick to point out that the guy in the photo is a little bigger than the One Direction singer. What’s more, his beard is a little fuller and he’s missing a few tattoos. In short: This isn’t Liam, but that isn’t stopping folks from talking.

This isn’t the only reason people are talking about Liam Payne these days. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer caused a lot of folks to worry themselves into a tizzy after the guy injured his hand lifting weights. Although some people believed he hurt himself breakdancing or doing unspeakable things with his “anaconda,” Gossip Cop confirmed that it was a workout-related injury.

What do you think about the alleged naked photos of Liam Payne making the rounds on Twitter this weekend? Were you hoping that the One Directioner singer was a part of a male-oriented “Fappening”?

[Lead image via E! Online]