Liam Payne Hurts His Hand Lifting Weights, Not On His ‘Anaconda’

Liam Payne recently decided to hit the weights, resulting in a slight injury to his hand.

Since the One Direction fellas have to look their absolute best when they’re performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, the guys spend quite a bit of time working out. If they don’t, Liam Payne and his pals run the risk of getting fat-shamed by people on social media. Seriously — it happens more often than you may think.

Although Payne’s reps said he injured his hand while lifting weights, this didn’t stop a number of outlets from running wild with a few silly theories. According to the Daily Mail, Liam spent some time at a Las Vegas ER after suffering a breakdance-related injury.

“A source told MailOnline that the Best Song Ever singer ‘got a bit carried away’ as he was busting a move during his Irish band mate’s celebrations on Sunday night.”

Since One Directioners are anything but innocent — regardless of what they might tell you — some of Payne’s more filthy-minded fans believe that the singer may have injured his hands having a bit of randy fun with his private parts.

Why in the world would someone put together such an outrageous rumor? Is this just some bizarre figment of someone’s perverted imagination? Apparently this theory came about around the same time fans spied a photograph of Liam and some of his hunky male friends hanging out hot tub together. While the photo in question is admittedly homoerotic, it’s doubtful anything of a sexual nature took place during this bro meeting. Besides, his arm is already injured in the pic, as you can clearly see below.

According to Gossip Cop, Liam Payne’s injured arm also spawned the NSFW Twitter trend #LiamBrokeHisArmOnHisAnaconda. While this probably isn’t something you look up at work, school, or in front of your parents, it’s still worth a look if you possess a sophomoric sense of humor and need a naughty chuckle or two.

Gossip Cop also received word directly from Payne’s army of reps that the singer injured his hand while weight training. If you’ve lost a lot of sleep worrying about Liam and his busted arm, then you can finally get some rest this evening.

“He will be fine,” Payne’s people explained.

What do you think about Liam Payne hurting his hand while lifting weights? Did you believe any of the rumors about the singer’s injury?

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