Is Harry Styles Dating Katy Perry Or ‘Victorious’ Star?

Harry Styles recently had dinner with Katy Perry, but he was also spotted getting flirty with one of the former stars of Nickelodeon’s Victorious.

And no, the One Direction singer didn’t manage to land Kendall Jenner look-alike Victoria Justice — he had to settle for supporting star Daniella Monet. According to the Daily Mail, Harry Styles took his date to the Coldplay concert at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. Styles and Monet were actually photographed together, but they didn’t look very lovey-dovey.

After the concert, Harry was photographed leaving Daniella behind while making a beeline for his car. He didn’t look back to check on his date as she struggled to keep up with him in a towering pair of high-heel boots.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity UK, Monet’s Instagram page is full of evidence that she has a boyfriend. It’s possible that she and her guy recently broke up, but an E! Online report also makes it sound like Harry Styles and Daniella Monet are probably not an item. A source revealed that Styles and Monet “seemed to have more of a flirty friendship than anything romantic.” Harry was reportedly more focused on Coldplay’s performance than he was on his female friend. The One Direction star looked like he was “in his own world completely enjoying the music.”

The Coldplay concert was also attended by Zoe Kravitz and Chris Pine, who were reportedly there as friends. Jennifer Lawrence was there to support boyfriend Chris Martin, and she sat in the row directly in front of Harry Styles and Daniella Monet. However, Lawrence was too focused on her man to acknowledge any of the event’s other celebrity attendees.

If Harry is still single, perhaps he has his sights set on Katy Perry. According to Hollywood Life, Perry and Styles were spotted enjoying dinner together at Malibu eatery Nobu on Thursday. However, the webloid’s source didn’t report any romantic behavior.

“Yes, Katy Perry and Harry Styles had dinner together at Nobu in Malibu late Thursday night. Just the two of them. They seemed happy, smiling and enjoying their dinner and conversation. They arrived separately and left separately. They looked like good friends and did a lot of talking.”

Maybe Katy and Harry swapped Taylor Swift war stories during their dinner date. Swift’s song lyrics are evidence that her breakup with Styles was not an amicable one, and the “Shake It Off” singer recently hinted that Perry got on her bad side by stealing her backup dancers. Katy responded to Taylor’s allegations by labeling her a “Regina George in sheep’s clothing.” Perry and Swift probably also have a hard time getting along because they both dated John Mayer.

How amazing would it be if Katy Perry and Harry Styles teamed up to pen the perfect anti-Taylor Swift tune? Maybe the singers were discussing a possible collaboration during their dinner date. Or maybe Katy just wants to get her claws on Harry — she does have a thing for pasty, curly-haired singers and guys with British accents. And as Hollywood Life points out, dating Styles would be one way for Katy Perry to exact “sweet revenge” on Taylor Swift.

What do you think of Harry Styles’ recent outings? Is he looking for love, or does he just have tons of female friends?

[Image credit: Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Daniella Monet/Twitter]