Mother’s Dying Wish For Her Son Is Granted As Her Nurse Agrees To Taking In Her Son, But Mother Gets Even More

In a world that most would say is driven by self-centered thinking, it is a diamond in the rough to hear about good deeds that restore one’s faith in humanity. However, when they do, they can really bring tears to your eyes. At times, a good deed can go a long way for so many people such as John who paid for 88 other people who went through the drive-through at a Chick-fil-A right after him. At times, good deeds are punished such as Kyle Bradford, the boy who gave his sandwich to another classmate who was given a mundane cheese sandwich for his lunch, getting detention.

For one mother who is terminally ill, she received a desired answer for her dying wish: for the one person she wants to take care of her son after she passes away. That person happens to be the nurse who took care of her during her battle.

According to ABC News, Tricia Somers was given heartbreaking news when she found out she was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer last spring. Her main concern, however, was finding someone to take care of her 8-year-old son, Wesley. Somers, a single parent, didn’t have family she believed who would be able to take care of her son. Her parents have already passed on, and her son’s father wasn’t around enough to take care of him. In the end, she asked her favorite nurse, Tricia Seaman, to care for her son.

What Tricia Somers did not know about Tricia Seaman is that she and her husband were looking to adopt another son. With prior experience raising three teenage daughters and a son, they aimed to adopting another boy into their family. Seaman probably did not expect the perfect candidate for an adopted son to come from one of her patients she was taking care of. Seaman was also diplomatic about her answer at first when asked.

“I didn’t know what to say in that moment. I told her I was flattered enough [that she] asked me. I said to her, ‘Why don’t you take a little time with this.’… I was trying to be very diplomatic, everything in me said was saying ‘Yes, I’ll do it.'”

Tricia Seaman eventually did take in Wesley, but Tricia Somers also got more than she asked. Seamans also wanted to take in Somers too, according to an article by The Blaze.

“At one point, I can’t be your nurse anymore. I’m your family now. I talked to her and said I want you to come [home]. She kind of fell apart and cried. She said, ‘I’d love to.'”

Since May, both Somers and Wesley have lived with the Seamans. Wesley is happy to have more people in his family now, and says he has a “brother.” As for the reason why the Seamans took in both of them, it is because they wanted both Somers and her son to be together through the journey.

Tricia Somers is content knowing that if anything is to happen to her, her son Wesley, will be taken care of.

Right now, Tricia Somers is going through another round of chemotherapy to combat the aggressive liver cancer. She hopes to live long enough to see her song grow up. However, if that doesn’t happen, she is at peace knowing her son will be taken care of.

“Sometimes God has a plan for our lives. Sometimes we think we know what the plan is, but we really do not.”

[Images via WXYZ-TV]