WWE News: John Cena Set To Win Back The WWE World Title At 'Night Of Champions' PPV?

WWE has done some surprising things to shock fans, and more could be coming this weekend. Maybe even the WWE could be taking the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off of Brock Lesnar this Sunday at the WWE Night of Champions PPV. John Cena could be winning back the World Title that would put him in record company. While many wonder how it is possible, it seems that this could happen for various reasons.

SportsKeeda.com claims.

"It is being said that there has been no finalized outcome decided yet, but Cena regaining the title back is very much on the cards and it could be a last minute decision. If it does happen, Cena will equal the Nature Boy Ric Flair's record of 16 World title reigns."
While many might consider this to be impossible as WWE has made Lesnar look almost unstoppable, the idea behind it is to potentially help out the WWE Network. Enticing people to buy the Network is a big deal for WWE right now, as many who bought the Network in America within the first few weeks it came out now have the ability to not renew their deal.

This would hit around the six-month mark, which happened to be the original commitment when the Network first came out. WWE now has a monthly plan, but it is cheaper to get the six month for $60 versus paying $120 month by month, as the cost for one month is $20 and the six month commitment brings it down to $10 a month. So the original deal is one that many took part in, but that deal expires a little after Night of Champions.

That being said, WWE wants to do everything they can to make us want to tune into the event.

Brock Lesnar WWE Champ

WWE put the Cena/Lesnar material in the middle of the WWE RAW show this past Monday to help in gaining viewers to the NOC PPV. This was due to American Football being in it's halftime around this period of time. WWE felt that people might switch over to RAW at that time, so they needed to see Cena/Lesnar material then. That is why the main event seemed so lackluster with Rusev and Mark Henry ending the show versus the way it normally is, where WWE tries to end the show strong. This was WWE's "go-home" show for Night of Champions, but many felt that WWE did not sell the show to them with this show.

However, WWE might entice some viewers if they pulled a major swerve. We can relive all WWE PPVs on the WWE Network, so the title changing hands for John Cena's 16th World Title might gain some viewers. As much as the 18-32 male audience hates to admit it, the family crowd would enjoy this move for the most part, and that is who WWE markets to right now. Kids love John Cena, and him tying or breaking a record would be something they would want to see.

WWE has started to get a lot more people interested in the Network, and their original shows have been seen as great by most who reviewed them thus far. So WWE gives more than PPVs at a far cheaper rate, but rather that plus much more. So the Network is a good buy for a wrestling fan. However, WWE knows if they bring in the kid, they can do the talking for them when it comes to the Network. So this might be more of a marketing move on WWE's part than anything.

Cena WrestleMania

We should not expect to see this happen however, as WWE still has to see both the positives and negatives of this. The original plan was to have Brock Lesnar win and hold the WWE World Title until WrestleMania 31, where he would lose it to someone like Roman Reigns. Many felt that Lesnar would not be on most shows or want to do every PPV leading up to Mania, so he might lose it somewhere in-between and regain it before Mania at some point.

This could be a way to do that, but many fans might be upset with it. Lesnar dominated Cena at SummerSlam. So how could he just change direction and be able to win? The match is normal, and unlike their Extreme Rules match years ago where Cena had weapons to help him win. SummerSlam saw no such weapons and he lost. He was dominated by Lesnar. Despite how WWE makes him look leading up to NOC, that memory will not leave the minds of WWE fans. So Cena winning would be too much of a WWE thing and ruin the realistic way WWE has been lately.

Will WWE pull the move? Time will tell. I doubt it from a personal standpoint, as fans would call BS quick with this. Cena really deserves much better for his record tying win and of course when he breaks the record too. This would just be something that would be a desperate move on WWE's part.

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