ISIS News: Disturbing Terror Tactic Channels Vampires: ‘We Love To Drink Infidel Blood’

In the latest news, a self-claimed ISIS terrorist appears in a video which suggests the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has developed a fancy for drinking blood from infidels — which brings to mind images of vampires.

The radical extremist group is known for mass-decapitations, territory acquisition by force, crucifixions, and burying those alive who do not submit to its distorted principles of Islam.

However, for the first time there some sort of claim that ISIS jihadists actually feast on the blood from free thinkers. As ISIL continues its murderous rampage across swaths of the Middle East, the news narrative evolves in its manner of threats and targets. However, this bizarre admission of blood-feasting has shaken up social media.

Rabie Shehada, aka “the Palestinian slayer,” who hails from a town near Nazareth, is seen in the video posted on Facebook touting the group’s quest to stamp out Western ideals and crush those who defy their radical might, according to Al Arabiya News on the ISIS vampire.

“I swear we are a people who love death for the sake of God just as you love to live. I swear we are a people who love drinking blood. We came to slaughter you,” Shehada explains.

At the end of the disturbing ISIS propaganda video, Shehada ends with a statement that defines the ideology of the terror group.

“We love dying for God as much as you love life.”

The jihadist, 26, is presumed to be a student enrolled at a university in Israel, where he was pursing a degree in mechanical engineering before becoming radicalized into the ways of the Islamic State. Reportedly, after he left his wife and child behind, news sources say Shehada traveled to Turkey (a popular passageway for ISIS recruits) and crossed the border illegally into Syria.

Before the news of this latest video surfaced, suggestive of ISIS’ vampire-style terror tactics, the Al Qaeda offshoot extremist group released Flames of War, a trailer that shows how militants will attack and crush the West. With the use of this type of propaganda and recruiting, governments are finding it hard to build an effective strategy around an enemy that uses social media and the internet to get its flowery language across.

According to Medical Dictionary, vampirism is a deviant behavior in which blood is ingested, variably accompanied by necrophilia, often in a background of schizophrenia, psychosis, sadomasochism, cult–eg, voodoo rituals, cannibalism, fetishism, or drug intoxication.

It’s unknown if this video is sanctioned by ISIS, or if is actually Shehada’s rogue agenda and an attempt at malapropism to color the group’s ideological momentum.

More than likely, the group has not morphed into black mass minions and are roaming around like blood-thirsty vampires. However, news of barbaric acts of beheadings, once seen in works of fiction and in horror cult flicks, are now part ISIS’ real reign of terror.

[Image via: PressTV]