Donnie Wahlberg Opens Up About Being A Newlywed

At 45-years-old, Donnie Wahlberg is still basking in becoming a newlywed. As The Inquisitr reported, Wahlberg said I do to Jenny McCarthy on August 31, and since then it’s been nothing but love for the pair.

Wahlberg told that it’s been a whirlwind year, but one with much happiness. As a newlywed, Wahlberg had a few words to share about married life the second time around.

“In one short year. I’m married, ‘Wahlburgers’ is now on TV and a hit show, we’re opening restaurants everywhere and I’ve probably went from the busiest guy on earth to the happiest guy on earth.”

Not too shabby for someone who was once regarded as “just a boybander.”

I think it’s a good trade-off. Still busy but more happy.”

As of now Wahlberg lives in New Jersey with Jenny McCarthy, but Boston, the place he was raised in, isn’t too far from his heart.

“Boston doesn’t let you forget where you came from, but the greatness of Boston makes you not want to forget where you came from so it all works out.”

As far as how married life the second time around has changed his life? Donnie was very open about that.

“It was a really important time for us. I see my goals shifting right before my eyes to keep working hard and keep putting positive energy out there, but also not get lost in so much work that I don’t appreciate and enjoy the very things that I’m representing in every facet of my career.”

Although it’s been a good run so far between Wahlberg and McCarthy, there was one snafu recently. McCarthy admitted that she already lost her wedding ring. Fortunately it wasn’t lost for too long. Donnie told Wonderwall it was where they at least expected it.

“We lost it for about two hours. We found it. It was in the bed sheets. It was off because the diamonds scrape a little bit and she doesn’t like scraping me and it was private time. She thought she put it on the nightstand. I thought she put it in the bed and sure enough it was in the sheet.”

Okay, so maybe they aren’t on the same page 24/7 but according to Jenny, she told CBS News it’s their similar backgrounds and ethics that make the pair suited for each other.

“We both come from really similar pasts — families — Irish, hardworking, lower middle class. The most important is that we have a spiritual connection. We’re really involved with self-realization and self-improvement.”

Sounds like a match made in Hollywood heaven.

[Image via Spaced Out Magazine]