Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting's Haircut To Be Addressed In Episode One Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting will be sporting her pixie cut on the new season of The Big Bang Theory, but writers won't just let you figure things out about Penny and her decision to chop off her flowing blonde hair. According to Glamour Magazine, Cuoco originally cut her hair for her role in Burning Bodhi. When it came to filming TBBT, Kaley offered to wear extensions to reprise her role as Penny. However, the writers decided to allow Penny to go through a dramatic hairstyle change -- and they wrote the haircut into the show.

According to the report, Penny's new hairstyle will be addressed in the very first episode of Season 8. It's unknown how the show's writers have written in the change -- which totally changes Penny and makes her less ditzy -- but it could be explained as Penny landing a new role (since she's an aspiring actress), or wanting to look more sophisticated for upcoming auditions. It could also turn out to be something really funny... like Penny overdid it on the wine one night and decided to cut her own hair -- that sounds more like it, no?

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting posted some photos on Instagram of her on the set of TBBT. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kaley basically let everyone know that she will be sporting her pixie cut on the new season of the show. Sure, it's a little weird to see Penny with super short hair, but that's not to say that the 'do doesn't look good. Kaley totally rocks the shorter style... it is just going to take some getting used to for Big Bang Theory fans.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kaley feels like she got "lucky" when it comes to her hair. She started off slowly, but then kept cutting and cutting, going shorter and shorter. She said production finally asked her just how short she was going... but they were really open with writing it in so that she could keep her short hair and not even worry about it. She seems really happy about being able to bring her short hair to set and give Penny a new look.

Do you have any ideas on how Kaley's haircut might be written in? Do you think it will be a simple explanation or have the writers come up with something creative/funny about the new hairdo? Post your best guess in the comments below.

[Photo courtesy of Kaley Cuoco / Instagram]