Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Search Turns Up ‘Ocean Secrets’ Before Plane Wreckage

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is still missing six months after it went off radar. Despite countless time and money spent on search and rescue efforts, there has been no sign of the Boeing 777 or of the 239 passengers and crew members on board. Researchers, however, have discovered other things that they didn’t know about. According to Discovery News, all kinds of things are being found on the floor of the Indian Ocean.

“We’ve already found seamounts and volcanoes that were unknown and uncharted,” explained Dr. Stuart Minchin. “There will be many scientists around the world interested in this information because it is of a very unknown part of the ocean, and it is going to be a unique data set for this part of the world.”

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is believed to have crashed into the Indian Ocean, but the area is so vast and the waters in the area are so rough (as evidenced by the photo above) that finding the plane has become near impossible. Geologists, however, are uncovering plenty of “ocean secrets.” While the main focus remains on finding the missing plane, scientists have been taking notes on what’s on the sea floor.

According to Forbes Magazine, the area between Australia and Antarctica was formed when the countries separated 100 million years ago. There are all kinds of things going on there that weren’t previously known. Aside from volcanoes, there are some serious dips in the ocean floor, and some scientists will choose to study this area more closely in the coming months.

“Among the geological features discovered in the search were volcanoes up to 2,000 metres high, said Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss, who described them as ‘quite remarkable.’ At one point, the ocean floor drops from a depth of 600 metres to 6,600 metres in ‘a very short distance,’ Mr Truss said.”

What happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is a mystery. There are plenty of people who think there is some kind of conspiracy theory behind the plane’s disappearance because there really isn’t anything else to go off of at this point. It’s unclear how much the authorities actually know in regard to the plane’s whereabouts or what might have happened on board, but according to the Inquisitr, there has been some information shared with the Indonesian Police Chief. General Sutarman recently revealed that he was told what actually happened to the plane. However, he wouldn’t share the information that he had.

Boeing 777
Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777

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