Justin Timberlake Responds To Cheating Scandal Rumors With A Single Tweet That Says It All!

Justin Timberlake responds to cheating scandal rumors and allegations about his marriage to Jessica Biel this tweet posted on his official Twitter page earlier this week.

Even though he is currently touring on the other side of the world, Justin Timberlake took the time to bring attention to his wife’s brief return to acting on the small screen through her current run on the hit FOX series, New Girl. The day before he posted this tweet, Justin Timberlake also re-tweeted Jessica Biel’s own promotion of her debut on New Girl.

By using the affectionate title “bae” to address his wife, Justin Timberlake clearly proved he is still madly in love and has no marital problems with the 7th Heaven actress.

According to the reactions and responses on Twitter, Justin Timberlake also makes it officially acceptable to use the word “bae” to affectionately address your own significant other.

Others feel that it is a word that should only be used by Justin Timberlake – no one else.

Regardless of how you may feel about the term, the fact that Justin Timberlake made such a public gesture speaks volumes about the quality of his relationship with and marriage to Jessica Biel. With the rumors of Jessica Biel being pregnant circulating online and in the press, this could also be a sign of the Timberlake family growing in the near future.

What do you think? Was Justin Timberlake able to put the rumors of his alleged cheating scandal to rest with this single tweet or not?

[Image Credit: International Business Times]