ISIS Beheading Video Victims Did Not Realize It Was The Real Thing, Says Islamic State Survivor Didier Francois

The ISIS beheading video victims may not have realized they were about to have heads decapitated according to Didier Francois, who survived being a hostage of the Islamic State.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, even al Qaeda is appealing to ISIS to release a British hostage since he’s an innocent aid worker. The Anonymous hacker group has launched Operation ISIS, but their primary weapon against the Islamic state seems to be political correctness about Islam since they’re focused on proving ISIS terrorists are not really Muslim instead of hacking them.

Some reports have speculated that David Haines, James Foley, and Steven Sotloff seemed unnaturally composed considering the gruesome fate awaiting them.

“All three men have appeared to display a quiet acceptance of their fate, leading to speculation that they either did not realize what awaited them or, that after a long and desperate confinement, any release was preferable to remaining in the hands of their tormentors,” the Guardian’s Martin Chulov wrote Sunday. “It seems to me that each of those poor men had been used to mock executions. They had been forced to do this sort of thing before. This is how depraved this group is.”

Didier Francois was confined for 10 months by the Islamic State before being released. During this time, he said the ISIS terrorist group put captives through a number of mock executions, which caused them to be worn down, never knowing what was really going to happen next. He can now confirm that the speculation about the ISIS beheading video victims is dead on.

“They did not realize that this time it was the real thing,” he said. “I never spoke about it publicly because the kidnappers had threatened reprisals on the remaining hostages if we spoke. We contacted the families of the kidnapped and the American authorities, but publicly we decided to keep quiet.”