Gloria Allred on Roger Goodell: ‘He Should Resign’ Due To Domestic Violence Cases – Here’s Why!

Gloria Allred, high-profile discrimination attorney, wants NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign from his position.

The request was made during a news conference held on Wednesday in Atlanta in reference to the way that the NFL has handled recent domestic violence cases involving its players.

“I think he should resign because of the way investigations have been conducted in the past.”

After it was confirmed that the elevator footage of Ray Rice attacking his then-fiancee was sent to the NFL months ago and mishandled thereafter, there has been a recent increase in criticism surrounding other domestic violence cases that were basically swept under the rug.

Due to the mishandling of these domestic violence cases, Gloria Allred has come forward to shine light on this issue – strongly suggesting that major changes are made within the NFL immediately.

According to what Gloria Allred stated during the news conference, the pattern of mishandling domestic violence claims and cases by the NFL dates back as far as 2006 – including alleged abuse cases involving Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall in a past relationship.

“This failure by the NFL and Commissioner Goodell to conduct a full, fair and timely investigation of serious allegations against an NFL player could lead victims, their families and member of the public to conclude that the NFL is only interested in preserving its own image and brand and cares little about violence against women and children.”

How much money is Gloria Allred searching for through this case? None.

As mentioned in the video, Gloria Allred is not focused on filing any lawsuits or taking any cases to court. Allred simply wants to make sure that justice is served by making the necessary changes within the NFL to ensure that this type of injustice does not continue.

“Our focus is on the process and we want the process to be fair. We want the investigation that is conducted in the future, investigations, of NFL players to afford due process to victims as well as NFL players. The present process is obviously not fair.”

Many people believe that Gloria Allred may have a point with her argument, especially since the initial punishment given to Ray Rice earlier this year (a two-game suspension) was very similar to the one-game suspension given to Brandon Marshall after the allegations against him went public in 2008.

On the other hand, there are quite a few others that feel that Gloria Allred is way out of line and really does not have any solid ground to stand on with her statements against the NFL and Commissioner Goodell.

#GloriaAllred the white, female version of #AlSharpton. Where there’s attention, lights & a photo op – she’s on it like a flies on poop. — peakay (@KAEP555) September 17, 2014

Rasheedah Watley, the woman who was allegedly beaten by Brandon Marshall throughout the course of their relationship, was not present during the news conference. However, Rasheedah’s father sat next to Gloria Allred throughout the duration of the news conference and even got the opportunity to speak up for himself to those in attendance about his own feelings on the issue.

What do you think? Does Gloria Allred have a point or is she just searching for another opportunity to get her name in the spotlight?

[Image Credit: The Daily Beast and The Sports Post]