Watch How A Woman Reacts When She Finds Out The Guy Hitting On Her Is Famous (She Thinks)

What, exactly, are women attracted to in a man? For centuries, men have pondered that exact question. In this viral video, which has rolled up more than 1.3 million views since being posted on September 10, the answer appears clear.

And the answer is — fame! Basically, this video by the people at Model Pranksters is a “social experiment” in which a young man visits Rutgers University and shamelessly hits on a female student — who as you’d expect gives him a polite brush-off.

But wait. Watch what happens when a few other students recognize the young man — or pretend to, anyway. When the young woman, who is the subject of this “experiment,” begins to believe that the guy seated across from her is a well-known recording artist, her attitude toward him changes considerably.

Women, it appears, dig famous men.

Of course, this is just one case. Psychologists and sociologists have been conducting studies for years, trying to determine what features a woman finds attractive in a man. Being famous doesn’t always enter into the equation.

The results have varied from the expected to the somewhat less expected. For example, repeated studies show that women like men with money — or who appear to have money. In tests, they consistently select well-dressed, affluent-appearing men over their more casual counterparts when asked who would make a better mate. They don’t stop to figure who’s more famous.

But then, two separate studies from France and Israel have shown that women are attracted to men with guitars, something every high school kid knows instinctively.

Another study, from 2010, showed that women are attracted to men, famous or not, who wear clothing in the color red.

Famous men. Rich men. Red-wearing, guitar-playing men. What do you think women find most attractive in a man?