‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Final Power Of Veto Winner Revealed

A new episode of Big Brother 16 airs Wednesday night and this show will determine this season’s final three competitors. Frankie Grande was sent to the jury in Tuesday’s show, and Derrick Levasseur won Head of Household. Overnight Big Brother spoilers regarding the Power of Veto competition were revealed and these should confirm who will head to the jury on Wednesday.

According to Big Brother Network, the live feeds revealed Big Brother spoilers that as much as Caleb Reynolds needed to win the POV competition, he didn’t. Instead, Cody Calafiore won it. As the new HOH, Derrick nominated Caleb and Victoria Rafaeli for eviction and Cody’s POV win ensures that the nominations will stay the same.

Though Cody has been a bit resistant to evict Caleb over Victoria, Derrick has been working hard to convince Cody it’s the right move. Caleb could end up winning the last HOH competition if he’s not evicted now, which would be a very dangerous move for Derrick. Levasseur can’t risk that happening and Cody has done everything Derrick has wanted all season, so expect to see Cody evict Caleb Wednesday night. It would be the biggest blindside in quite some time if Cody were to evict Victoria over Caleb and nobody really expects to see that happen.

As Jokers Updates noted in their Big Brother spoilers via the live feeds, Cody was asking Derrick for some advice regarding what he should say to Caleb as he votes to evict him. Given that, the decision does seem to be a firm one. At this point, it doesn’t appear that Caleb necessarily knows this is coming. It seems that both Victoria and Caleb still think they could end up winning Big Brother 16. Of course, Derrick keeps talking things up to Victoria about how she could win. However, that outcome is thought to be awfully unlikely.

Wednesday night expect to see Caleb Reynolds head to the jury, and the first part of the final HOH competition get started. It is expected that this season will follow the norm, in that it’s a three-part HOH competition. Stay tuned for Big Brother spoilers over the next few days as the winners of the first two parts of the competition are revealed via the live feeds. The third part of the competition will be done live in the finale.

There is an episode of BB16 airing on Friday night, but it is expected that it will be a clip or review show. Then, the finale will air on Wednesday, September, 24. Will Derrick Levasseur win this season? Or will he get knocked out in the final stage or see the jury vote another way? Who are you hoping wins Big Brother 16?

[Image via Shaw Media]