‘Daredevil Grandma’ Rides Roller Coaster For The First Time: Video Will Make You Smile

An elderly woman went on a roller coaster for the first time in preparation for her first ride on an airplane. The video dubbed “daredevil grandma” was posted about five months ago, but has started circulating on the web again this week. So far, the video has been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube.

“Grandma Ria, aged 78, had never traveled on an aeroplane (sic) before. So before her first ever flight, to beat her fear she took to the sky on a roller coaster. Anyone’s first roller coaster ride can be a mixture of fear, nerves and excitement but for daredevil Ria, who is from the Netherlands, it seemed nothing but joy.”

According to Independent.ie, the daredevil grandma had a fear of flying, so she decided to try a roller coaster first, before boarding an aircraft. While a commercial plane doesn’t go upside down, some say that a flight has similarities with a roller coaster in the way that it makes a person feel. There is speed during take off, turbulence, and some drops that can leave you with a bit of a pit in your stomach.

Since Ria seemed to love her roller coaster ride, chances are she did great on the plane!

Another viral video posted on The Inquisitr yesterday is totally worth the watch as well. The video shows a baby crying as her dad shaves off his beard.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]