Dad Shaves Beard, Baby Cries Inconsolably In Viral Video

Babies are very observant and they will notice any change in you. Whether you cut or color your hair, or in this case shave your beard, you are bound to get some kind of reaction, but this dad never imagined that his baby daughter would react the way she did.

What started as a cute game of peek-a-boo with dad turned into a crying fit, when this cute little baby saw something completely different as she peeked behind the towel covering her daddy’s face. To say that 19-month-old Brenna was not happy with beardless dad would be an understatement.

The little baby, dressed in her favorite ballerina tutu, was inconsolable, after she realized that good old dad looked nothing like what she was used to. Brenna seems scared and cries so hard, her mom has to take her from dad, you can see how she wants nothing to do with him.

Bradley Bailey told SF Gate of the day he decided to shave off his beard, to make his wife happy, as she wasn’t as much of a fan as their baby, apparently.

“I originally decided to shave my beard because it was getting to be too long and the wife was not a fan. She wanted me to just cut it shorter, but my four-year-old son wanted to shave with me and he suggested that I shave it all (because he has never seen me without facial hair).”

“My wife and I decided to film my daughter’s reaction so that years from now we could all look back on it and have a good chuckle.”

That will probably still happen and considering and they can tell baby that when daddy shaved his beard and they put the video on Youtube, it went viral, because of her reaction. The video currently has almost 3 million views.

Even though, nobody likes to hear a baby cry the look the baby sends her dad at the end of the video is just too funny and one can’t help but chuckle. Mom finally takes her away from dad’s lap when she is clearly trying to get away from him.

Don’t worry, it was all good after a while, when Brenna had some time to get used to her new dad.

“Her reaction was a bit more extreme than either of us expected,” Bradley says. “But she got over it after a few hours and playing many Patty cakes with her.”

Have your kids ever reacted like this baby did to a freshly shaved dad?

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