Hamas Leader Exiled From Qatar Is More Than Welcome In Turkey

Khaled Mashaal, the Hamas politburo chief, has reportedly been told he is no longer welcome in Qatar, where he has been living in five star accommodation for many years.

As well as running a vicious terrorist network in the Gaza Strip, Hamas runs its political agenda from the comfort of luxury hotels in Qatar, an arab oil-rich state which is arguably the largest financier of terror in the world.

International pressure was increased when it was announced recently by FIFA that Qatar would have the honor of hosting the World Cup in 2022. If the World Cup is to be held in Qatar it will bring a disgraceful shadow over the world of soccer as the government of the country literally has blood on their hands.

Breitbart reported on Monday that intense international pressure has led Qatar to expel seven senior Muslim Brotherhood members in an effort to close ever growing gaps with Egypt. Interestingly, Turkey, which is officially a good friend of America, said they would welcome the seven expelled leaders.

This isn’t the first time that Khaled Mashaal has been threatened will exile in recent weeks. Back in August, during the Hamas war with Israel, in which the organization unleashed a deadly barrage of short and long-range rockets on the Jewish State, a senior member of the Palestinian Authority said Hamas chose to breach one of the many ceasefires with Israel due to Qatar’s threat to expel Mashaal.

At that time, Qatar was reportedly pushing Hamas to demand it play an active role in Cairo truce talks with Israel, a proposal which Egypt refused, stipulating that Qatar apologize for its policies as the leading sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar specifically stated it would force Mashaal to leave if Hamas agreed to the Egyptian truce proposal in its structure at the time.

Khaled Mashaal was also clear in his rejection of that proposal, telling reporters, “we want serious negotiations that lead to an end of the aggression on Gaza and granting the Palestinian demands.”

The fact that people like Mashaal, who holds extreme Islamist views and dreams of annihilating Israel and killing Jews globally, are welcome in Turkey is a worrying development, as Turkey moves increasingly towards extremist Islam under the leadership of President Erdogan.