Indiana Cannibal Allegedly Ate Girlfriend’s Organs ‘Raw And Cooked’

A 33-year-old man dubbed the “Indiana Cannibal” allegedly killed his girlfriend, 46-year-old Tammy Jo Blanton, and then ate parts of her organs.

The court records show that Joseph A. Oberhansley is accused of murder, abuse of a corpse and breaking and entering, in a case that has shocked even seasoned prosecutors in the state. Prosecutor Steve Stewart told reporters, “After you’ve been prosecuting for so long, you think you’ve seen everything… I’ve never seen this.”

When police arrived at Blanton’s house Thursday, to follow up on the fact she hadn’t shown up for work in a while, they said the suspect was acting strangely. The police noted that that there was a fresh cut across his knuckles, and when searched, Oberhansley was found with a folding blade in his back pocket, covered with what appeared to be blood and hair.

An officer who attended the residence found Blanton in a bathtub under a vinyl camping tent, her skull had been crushed and the autopsy report showed that she died from multiple sharp force trauma to the head, neck and torso, and that parts of her heart, lungs and brain were missing.

Police also found a plate in the kitchen which appeared to consist of a skull and bones, as well as a skillet and pair of tongs with blood on the handles.

Even though Oberhansley acted weirdly with the police throughout, leading them to conclude that he was going to plead insanity in court, he admitted to them that he had cut Blanton open and eaten parts of her organs, both cooked and raw.

When the suspect appeared in front of Judge Vicki Carmichael, Oberhansley said he could not have committed the crimes as when he was asked his name he said, “that’s not my name. Obviously you’ve got the wrong guy.”

He alleged instead that his name was “Zeus Brown” and claimed that he didn’t know his age or nationality.

Nevertheless, Jeremy Mull, a chief deputy prosecutor, said he was “not buying” the defendant’s story. “There’s a motive and a reason” for Oberhansley’s denials, he said, “There’s no doubt in my mind that he is responsible for” Blanton’s murder.

And this isn’t the first time Oberhansley was in trouble with the law, back in 1998 he served time for shooting his girlfriend, Sabrina Eder, who had recently given birth to a their son, The Associated Press reported.

Oberhansley is being held without bail for the murder of Tammy Jo Blanton with a trial date being set for Feb 16, next year.