Hunting Season On ISIS Is Open! Use Eau de Goat's A** And ISIS Calls For Clean Kills! [VIDEO]

Ever since ISIS was reported to have infiltrated the United States, people have taken the news differently. Some experienced fear that people in the United States would be subject to the atrocities ISIS does such as beheading children or having their children behead others. Some are oblivious or apathetic to the situation. However, some people are prepared to take a stand, either directly or indirectly.

For a website known as TacticalSh*t, they have taken the route of posting a spoof video to their official Facebook page which they state is the most viral video they have ever made. Summarized, the video makes light of the threats of ISIS or ISIL to attack our citizens on our own soil. What the terrorist group doesn't realize is that 33 million people are registered gun owners. They took this into account with the video which parodies hunting season but this time for ISIS insurgents. The unique thing about the video, which we must restate is a spoof, is that it is a sales pitch. The American in full camouflage gear talks about two new products that will guarantee a clean kill during ISIS hunting season: a fragance called Eau de Goat's A** and ISIS calls.

It should also be reported this video does utilize a lot of Middle Eastern and Muslim stereotypes too. Mad World News, reported to their readers to pay close attention at the 29 to 32-second marks of the video or they'll "miss something hilarious" which is the ISIS call making both goat sounds with the Adhan (call to prayer in Islam) in the background.

For a spoof video which utilizes Middle Eastern stereotypes, you'd think it would be unpopular, especially with how "politically correct" our nation is right? Well with the video reaching 3 million people in less than 48 hours with 365,000 views and over 35,000 shares on their Facebook, it is safe to say this video is more than just popular, it is viral!

Now that you've seen the video, we want to know what you think. Is the video hilarious or insensitive and degrading? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Screenshot of ISIS Hunting Video]