Phil Robertson Nuts? ‘Duck Dynasty’ Peanuts Has Nut Company Saying No Comment

We already know Duck Dynasty is for the birds, but can the popular A&E brand be nuts? When peanut product maker Smithfield Specialty Foods Group was asked about Phil Robertson and his recent string of politically incorrect statements they only had one thing to say: no comment.

In a related report by Inquisitr, Phil Robertson recently claimed the best way to handle the ISIS terrorist group is to “convert or kill them.” This had some people criticizing the Duck Dynasty patriarch, saying that the head of Duck Commander essentially had the same position as the Islamic State. But now Phil has clarified this statement by saying that he would rather have a Bible study with ISIS terrorists than have them killed.

But this article isn’t primarily about politics, it’s about nuts — and why Duck Dynasty is nutty enough to be labeled on a can filled with peanuts. Pete Booker, vice president and general manager of Smithfield Specialty Foods Group, said they pursued the idea of creating Duck Dynasty peanuts after he personally became a fan of the Duck Dynasty TV show.

“We found that the demographics of the show lined up with Smithfield’s retail customer. They finish every show around the table, having a meal, and that just kind of solidifies who we are as a company, how bringing people to the table is important to us.”

The Duck Dynasty peanuts will come in several five varieties, including “Campfire Cajun,” “Heart Thumpin’ Habañero,” “Good Ol’ Salted,” “Salivatin’ Salt ‘n’ Pepper” and “Down Home Jalapeño.” The peanut brittle is appropriately named “Hard Quack.” Booker says the company is also considering offering pork rinds, snack mixes and nut confections, such as chocolate-covered peanuts.

Unfortunately, even a food company can’t avoid the political brouhaha surrounding Phil Robertson. When asked about recent comments, Booker kept it simple.

“I don’t have any comments on what Phil says in the media. Our relationship is with A&E.”

Meanwhile, it can be certain some people may purchase these Duck Dynasty peanuts just to provide final proof for themselves that, at least in some way, the guys behind Duck Commander truly are nuts. If that doesn’t satisfy you, try washing those nuts down with some Duck Dynasty hot sauce.