‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Wants To Have A Bible Study With ISIS Terrorists Rather Than Kill Them

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson has become quite controversial over the past year and now he’s wading into political waters, saying that he would rather have a Bible study with the ISIS terrorists rather than have them killed.

In a related report by Inquisitr, Phil Robertson also explained the background of the infamous GQ interview and why he once said, “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person [in pre-Civil Rights Louisiana]. Not once.”

Recently, Phil even claimed the best way to handle the ISIS terrorist group is to “convert or kill them.” This had some people criticizing the Duck Dynasty patriarch, saying that the head of Duck Commander essentially had the same position as the Islamic State.

Speaking to Fox News, Phil admitted he’s not a fan of political correctness, instead saying he’s a “guy who believes in Biblical correctness.” While discussing the difference between PC attitudes and the “Biblical view,” Phil brought up the ISIS terrorists again.

“I love all men and women on this Earth, including, by the way, all the current terrorists who are lopping people’s heads off,” Robertson said. “I would rather sit down and have a Bible study with ’em and put ’em to Jesus because he’s all about life and what they seem to be into, it’s all about death. It’s just a sad situation we found ourselves in worldwide.”

The Fox reporter then said, “You write that we the people are to blame for our politicians.” Phil Robertson agreed fully, and then went on to explain what he sees as a solution for the United States.

“The people are at fault because we elect leaders and then we whine and bellyache. My belief is we need spiritual men making political decisions. I just think based on the Founding Fathers, you can read them at length, I was amazed at how godly and how they revered the Bible. Somewhere between there and I’m sorry to say, my generation, we got here; we started smoking dope, tune in and turn out, make love not war. The bottom line is we have really screwed this thing up. I just think we need to get back to what our Founding Fathers told us. Get back to God, love our neighbor.”

Several weeks ago, the Robertson family met up with Sarah Palin’s family for an event supporting veterans in Alaska. As part of this event, Palin and Robertson discussed the founding fathers in depth, and at one point Phil joked that a “moose-cooking woman” like Sarah should be in the White House.

What do you think about Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and his comments on the ISIS terrorist group?

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