Judy Greer Talks ‘Reluctantly Healthy’

Yahoo is getting in the game in a big way, leading the push in content networks in creating new video series for web viewers.

As the shows begin to premiere on the website and catch on, one of the site’s stars has been inundated with exciting career news. Judy Greer of “Reluctantly Healthy” has been popular with those tuning in, but the actress- who you may remember as the secretary Kitty from Arrested Development– also learned the cult-hit TV show is returning for a season as well as an Arrested Development movie.

Of her web success, Greer says the show might resonate with people who are short on time but value eating well:

“I’m always on the go and so is everyone else,” Greer says of “Reluctantly Healthy.” “I am always trying to be healthier and make things easier. And then I thought it would be really fun to do all these cool things and share it with people in a casual and intimate way.”

Casual and intimate indeed- episodes are just three to five minutes long, and feature Greer working with a nutritionist, fitness instructors and food prep specialists to elucidate the practices that keep one healthy. She says of filming the show:

“Holy buckets! I’m learning so much and having the best time.”

In addition to “Reluctantly Healthy” with Greer, Yahoo also is now hosting a property with Morgan Spurlock, a relationship advice show with Clean House and Reno 9-1-1′s Niecy Nash, and an engagement themed show starring All My Children’s Cameron Mathison.