Ukrainian Politician Taken Out With The Trash… Literally [Video]

The Ukrainians have seen their home become a tumultuous place over the past year or so, from uprooting their president to the loss of territory like Crimea, not to mention the protests. Despite the change in government, and constant altercations with Russia, the protests that started earlier this year show no sign of ending.

Itarr-Itass News reported on the “Lustration bill” that would allegedly “cleanse” the Ukrainian government of past corruptions that are believed to be the remnants of former president Yanukovich’s government.

“The act requires special scrutiny of “persons empowered to perform state or local self-government functions,” including the president, parliamentary speaker, prime minister, deputy prime ministers, chief of national security service, national bank, all people’s deputies, and also military, judges, and members of the Central Election Commission.

The genesis of the current Ukrainian protests are reportedly due to this Lustration bill which, according to Itarr-Itass News, has been voted on three times with only the most recent vote passing with a majority 235 votes. At each of the bill’s failed votes, the Ukrainian parliamentary speaker Aleksandr Turchinov ordered the vote be retaken, which is against the Ukrainian rules of procedure.

The scene was outside of the Ukrainian parliament building, where the voting was taking place for the Lustration bill. A Ukrainian member of parliament, or MP, which is similar to a U.S. Representative, was caught up in the middle of the protests and thrown into a trash can. He is an independent MP in the Ukrainian parliament since 1998.

According to the International Business Times Australia, the group allegedly behind the protests and subsequent politician trashing were called “Volya” and “Aytomaidan.”

“While the Parliament was in the middle of the voting process, the demonstration by the activists that led to Zhuravskiy into the dumpster was happening. According to the agency’s report, these activists were from the Right Sector known as Volya and Avtomaidan. The demonstration was being held right in front of the parliament building. Hundreds of tires were burned by the demonstrators”

Mr. Zhuravskiy was not a popular MP, at least certainly not with Ukrainian protestors. Sky News reports that the Ukrainian MP was once part of Ukrainian President Yanukovich’s “Party of Regions,” and authored a very unpopular bill to limit “anti-government protestors.”

His unpopularity was not singularly linked to one bill; he also was behind a bill criminalizing libel.

The Ukrainian MP was shoved around a few times before being tossed in the trash. Reports indicate liquid was dumped on the MP while he was in there. He was also threatened before uniformed men pulled him out.

One wonders how corrupt representatives and senators would feel if the same treatment were possible here.

Scroll down to watch the video of the incident below.

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