Amanda Knox Back On Home Soil, Spends Time With Family

It’s official Amanda Knox is back on U.S. soil after flying into Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport on Tuesday evening just 24 hours after her conviction was overturned by an Italian appeals court.

Speaking about her return home Knox told a group of supporters:

“I’m really overwhelmed right now” and “I was looking down from the airplane. It seemed like everything wasn’t real.”

Knox only spoke for a short period and revealed:

“I just, my, my family is the most important thing to me right now, and I just want to go and be with them.”

Speaking on their daughters behalf Edda Mellas said:

“All I can say is, thank you.”


Her dad Curt Knox went on to add:

“It’s been a long four years.”

Friends of Amanda plan to throw her a backyard barbeque in the near future to welcome her home. According to a spokeswoman for the Friends of Amanda Knox fund she plans to do “Just normal things that you would want to do after being in prison for four years for a crime you didn’t do.”

With a trial based on no evidence at all finally out of the way I’m personally happy to see an innocent American returned home. What do you think about Amanda Knox being set free?