This Labrador Swims Every Day To Play With His Buddy, You’ll Be Amazed To See Who

Alap Naik Desai - Author

Sep. 16 2014, Updated 11:49 a.m. ET

Dogs have been man’s best friend for eons. Interestingly, they can be a great companion to other animals and pets too. On a tiny island of Ireland, Ben the Labrador swims out into the harbor to meet and play with his buddy. You’ll sure be amazed to find out who.

Adam Henson, presenter of the BBC show Countryfile, was surprised and thoroughly impressed when he witnessed Ben the Labrador, swimming out to meet his friend. Most of the days, Ben, the playful and docile Labrador is seen leaving his home, a hotel and eatery, among in the town’s sporadic establishments and head to the harbor.

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After making his journey, he rushes down the steps and jumps into the rather cold harbor water and starts swimming eagerly to meet his friend. Only when you will see whom, will you be able to understand his enthusiasm. Ben, Henson narrates, swims out into the harbor to meet his everyday playmate, which is a female dolphin.

Ben swims to meet and play with a dolphin, who the two has nicknamed Doogie, reportedIrish Central. Speaking about the amazing friendship, Henson said,

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“This is absolutely amazing…Swimming around in the water, I have never seen anything like it.”

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The friendship happened a few years ago, and locals say the dog swims almost every day. People from nearby islands come to see the spectacle and leave very content to see such an unusual, but thriving friendship between two animals of very distinct species, reportedStrange Sounds.

Benson and his crew followed the dog’s path and witnessed the entire beautiful spectacle. The video shows Ben running toward the harbor before he jumps into the water and begins to swim furiously. Benson notes how powerful a swimmer Ben is. Ben eventually rendezvous with his dolphin friend.

The pair splash and play together while Ben swims in circles wagging his tail. As Doogie the dolphin heads out to sea in pursuit of the local, ferry Ben returns ashore.

According to locals, Doogie, the female dolphin was first spotted in Middletown harbor in 2006. She was seen a couple of days after fishermen had spotted a dead male dolphin, wash ashore. As Doogie continued to return to the harbor, locals believed she was mourning and grieving for her mate.

Doggie must have found an unlikely friend and a shoulder, figuratively, to cry on. It is common knowledge that dogs, specifically Labradors are excellent companions, especially if you are sad. Evidently, Ben decided to alleviate her sorrow and the two became best of friends. Incidentally, this isn’t the only kind of dog-dolphin friendship.

[Image Credit |Jeremy Wheaton]


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