‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Reveals What They Did Over The Summer

The cast of The Big Bang Theory kept busy during the show’s summer hiatus. While speculation has run rampant about what is up next for the show’s beloved characters, who were at turning points at the end of last season, the actors had meaningful personal and professional projects on the go. They each took the time to speak with Entertainment Weekly about what’s new in a video posted on the EW website. You can check that out below.

Meaningful tidbits revealed by the stars? Mayim Bialik went camping, while Jim Parsons went to Wimbledon — the latter event was reported in the Inquisitr earlier this summer. Johnny Galecki travelled to Prague and Copenhagen. Simon Helberg became a dad and Melissa Rauch worked on a movie with her husband. Kunal Nayyar wrote a book and was involved with film projects in India and the United States.

And Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting? She adopted another rescue dog, spent time with her horses and, famously, cut her hair. She reveals the mystery behind that dramatic fashion change in the clip and the reaction of the Big Bang Theory producers.

As Cuoco-Sweeting mentions in the clip, although producers considered outfitting her with extensions to maintain Penny’s long golden locks, they eventually decided the new pixie cut would be a great change for Penny. Big Bang Theory season 8 spoilers include not only her engagement to Leonard, which was revealed last year, but her change of profession. She’s reportedly set to go to work for Bernadette’s pharmaceutical company.

It turns out Kunal Nayyar also spends a quite a bit of time with the Big Bang Theory stylists to get that perfect look for Raj Koothrappali. The Boston Herald reprinted an US Weekly article in which Nayyar revealed his hair is naturally quite curly, and they flat iron it for the show. Other tidbits in the piece entitled “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me”? His dog’s name is Boba Fett, after the Star Wars character, and he once sunk a putt in front of golf legend Tiger Woods — a 20-foot putt, at that.

As the stars were working on other things not related to The Big Bang Theory over the summer, media talk was incessant about the cast contract negotiations. Eventually some members of the core cast, thought to be Galecki, Cuoco-Sweeting and Parsons, signed a new deal for $1 million per episode. Their cast mates Bialik, Rauch, Helberg and Nayyar also reportedly received raises. The new season of The Big Bang Theory starts next Monday, September 22nd, with two back-to-back new episodes on CBS.

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