WWE News: Randy Orton Wants Time Off, Is Frustration The True Reason Why?

Leave it to Randy Orton to cause turmoil inside the WWE locker room. It isn’t the first time and certainly not the last time that Orton is “demanding” the spotlight. According to RingSide News, Orton is frustrated with his position in the WWE and wants some time off.

As a result, he recently asked management about taking some time away from the ring by the end of the year in order to rejuvenate.

WWE considers their roster “thin,” especially in regards to the number of top-flight wrestlers they have available. It is said that the absences of Daniel Bryan and Batista is standing in the way of Orton being granted some time off.

To pacify him, Orton has been told that his character will be emphasized more on television. This probably won’t satisfy him though.

On top of his opinions on the WWE roster, Ringside News added the fact that Brock Lesnar just received a contract worth $5 million for 24 dates. WWE signed Lesnar to that ridiculous contract because their lack of star power is finally shining through. The unfortunate part is not the fact they don’t have stars; it is the trouble of building them from the ground up and trusting them.

Vince McMahon always had a hard time pushing the young stars, especially if he had part-time guys to fill the void. Now, there are always exceptions to the rule. Well, it took WWE six years to finally push CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Guys like Randy Orton and Batista were pushed right away. That doesn’t often occur.

Randy Orton

To make it worse on them, McMahon still has creative control. What was a splendid cacophony of ideas in the 90’s and early 2000’s, McMahon is losing it. He won’t even consider Cesaro a top guy because he doesn’t “get him.” Cesaro is beloved backstage, according to the report. If McMahon doesn’t like him, it is a no-go.

Either way, back to the Viper. According to a previous report on the Inquisitr, WWE might have killed off the Viper on-screen. That was until he demolished Chris Jericho in the medical area backstage. It could be a one-trick pony that Orton just did out of pure frustration.

When Jericho leaves after Night of Champions, where will Orton go? To quote the masterful Colt Cabana, “Creative has nothing for you.” Which is very odd, because Orton is supposed to be a main event-guy, but he isn’t in the main event. From that standpoint, Orton has every right to be upset. All of this would be avoided if the “Legend Killer” gimmick came back. If the WWE wants Orton to be relevant again, that is how.

[Images via WWE.com]