ISIS Threat: Texas Sheriff Claims Qurans and 'Muslim Clothing' Found At The Border [Video]

Robert Jonathan

ISIS in America?

Border Sheriff Gary Painter claims that evidence of an infiltration has been found at the U.S.-Mexican border.

Painter, the sheriff of Midland County, Texas, previously asserted that he received an alert that an ISIS terrorist cell has already formed in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in the backyard of El Paso, Texas.

According to a separate report from Judicial Watch, ISIS may target the Fort Bliss military base in El Paso for a car bomb attack from nearby Ciudad Juarez.

In an interview on Fox & Friends this morning with Elisabeth Hasselbeck (see video embedded below), Painter warned that the southern border is uncontrolled and unsecured, alluding to the massive numbers of illegal aliens that have come across. "There's places along the Rio Grande you can walk across, there's no water in it. I worked the border for eight years I walked back and forth across the Rio Grande; I was in Mexico, I was on this side. I never got challenged. There's always a way to get across, there's coyotes that bring those people across for thousands of dollars..."

When Hasselbeck asked him directly if ISIS cells specifically are active at the southern border and gearing up to attack the U.S., Painter replied that "We have found copies, or people along the border, where the trails of these people have come across, have found Muslim clothing, they have found Quran books that are laying on the side of the... trail. So we know that there are Muslims that have come across and being been smuggled in the United States."

Painter did not explain what he meant by Muslim clothing or whether or how those alleged individuals to whom he referred were affiliated with ISIS.

Painter previously told CNN that "I think it'd be naive to say that (ISIS is) not here."

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu also said last week that he believes that ISIS terrorists may have already penetrated the wide open southern U.S. border.

In a Capitol Hill hearing last week, a Homeland Security official admitted to Sen. John McCain that social media chatter among ISIS militants suggests that they have been discussing ways to infiltrate the U.S. from Mexico, but insisted that authorities have the capacity to prevent any such attack.

Do you think the claims by Sheriff Painter about ISIS hold water or are just fearmongering? Watch the interview and draw your own conclusion.

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Added: On the anniversary of 9/11 on Thursday, Breitbart Texas reports, "individuals or a group in Mexico hung a message to America over the U.S.-Mexico border wall condemning American support for Israel and declaring support for Palestine. U.S. federal agents discovered the banner draped over the primary border fence in Arizona's Yuma Sector in a restricted area that could only have been reached from Mexico."