Kate Middleton Hoping For A Baby Princess [Video]

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton is once again suffering from severe morning sickness with her second pregnancy. The Duchess has already missed several scheduled engagements, and is continuing to cancel on a daily basis. Even her brother-in-law Prince Harry’s 30th birthday dinner with family and friends, which was scheduled for tonight at Prince William and Kate’s Kensington Palace, had to be postponed, according to Perez Hilton.

Prince Harry felt it would be inappropriate to continue on with the birthday celebration without Kate, since she had personally spent a lot of time and effort in planning and organizing the entire event.

Kate, who is said to have hyperemesis gravidum, which is an extreme case of morning sickness, is being treated by the royal medical team at home. It could actually be a few weeks before Middleton ventures into the public eye. Nevertheless, in spite of her feeling ill, Middleton is dreaming of her new baby.

Celeb Dirty Laundry has reported that Prince William and Kate are both wishing and hoping for a baby girl this time around. In fact, Kate has gone so far as to say she has a feeling that it will, in fact, be a baby girl — a little princess.

Prince William and Kate are in such high hopes that they have even begun selecting names for a baby girl. There is much speculation that they have chosen the name Margaret, after Princess Margaret who died in 2002. She was Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister. This would most certainly please the Queen.

Most people would tend to lean towards the name Diana, after Prince William’s mother. That would seem like such an appropriate and sentimental thing to do. Diana so obviously loved her boys, and devoted herself to them. It seems only natural that Prince William and Kate would want to honor her, the child’s grandmother, by using her name.

However, there is rumor, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, that Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles forbade Prince William and Kate to name their baby girl after Diana. Forbade? Do Prince William and Kate not have a choice in what they name their own child?

Should Prince William and Kate name their child after Margaret or Diana? Should they incorporate both names, perhaps?

[Photo Credit: AllWorldArt.com]