Ed Sheeran Has Been ‘Lounging Around And Watching TV Shows’ On Tour

You’d think Ed Sheeran would be busier than ever. He released his second album x this summer and is currently in the middle of a major tour, not to mention all the collaborations Ed’s been doing with the likes of David Guetta, Jessie Ware, Rick Ross and Martin Garrix. But Sheeran’s fans will be surprised to learn that Ed has been taking it easy this tour.

Ed Sheeran spoke to The Tennessean about his current tour, and how he’s been spending his down time. Most of it is spent glued to the television, it seems.

“All I’m doing is lounging around and watching TV shows,” Ed Sheeran admitted.

Of course, Ed is still touring, so all that television has to be watched on the tour bus. Hard to believe that a songwriter as prolific as Ed Sheeran is spending the time in between cities sitting around on a couch, rather than working on new material or practicing his craft. Ed’s current favorite show is “Sons of Anarchy,” but his brother recommended “Hannibal” and he’s very excited to try the show out.

Ed Sheeran claims that tour life now is substantially easier than it was when he was promoting the upcoming release of his sophomore album, x. Expectations were high after the success of Ed’s first album, released in 2011 with the hit “The A Team.”

While Ed may be devoting nearly all of his free time to binge-watching television, he does claim to be writing some new songs.

“I didn’t write anything for several months while I promoted [the album], just because I was drained all of the time,” Ed said. “But I’ve written probably eight or nine songs in the past three weeks, which is really good for me, I think.”

Ed has been trying out a variety of new music styles, including rap and EDM (electronic dance music). But Sheeran has voiced interest in branching out even further and trying other genres.

“I’ve always wanted to do a country song,” said Ed. “I think that’d be fun… I’d love to delve into that world. But there are certain worlds that I’m a fan of that I don’t think I could do anything in. I’m a big metal fan. I really love metal music. I don’t know if my voice is a metal voice, so that probably wouldn’t really work.”

But Ed isn’t neglecting his duties on tour, either. A recent concert review of Ed Sheeran’s performance at The Arena at Gwinnett Center in Georgia claimed that the 23-year-old British musician “captivated the crowd with an original combination of playfulness, sensuality and grab-by-the-jugular intensity.”

Keep up the good work, Ed! But don’t watch too much TV.