Werewolf Cat Vs. Vampire Cat: Which Creepy But Cute Kitty Wins The Internet? [Video]

The werewolf cat and the vampire cat are creating a Twilight situation for kitty lovers — feline fans have to choose between spending their work day watching YouTube videos of kittens that look like Lycans or viewing Vine videos of a furry feline Dracula named Lazarus.

The werewolf cats in question might cause some controversy. This is because they’re bred to have a somewhat unhealthy appearance. According to Nautilus, the Lykoi cat is a new breed of kitty with scraggly, patchy fur. It’s werewolf-like appearance is the result of a mutant gene variation. Because he’s a mutant, it’s fitting that the little guy in the video below bears a strikingly resemblance to X-Men character Wolverine.

The Lykoi cats are missing much of their undercoats, and they often have no fur at all on their faces and paws. Veterinarian Johnny Gobble said that the werewolf cats’ mutations have appeared in the wild cat population for a very long time, but the Lykoi breed is just now starting to become popular.

“They’ve been reported for years, but no one has tried to breed them because there were concerns about their health.”

Sometimes breeding animals for a certain look can result in unwanted health problems. Hairless Sphinx cats, for example, can suffer from mites and ear infections. There are so few Lykoi cats right now that it’s impossible to tell if they’ll suffer from similar issues. Cat genetics expert Leslie Lyons explained that no werewolf cat has made it to the age that health issues usually pop up.

“A lot of health problems won’t show up until a cat is 6 or 7-years-old, and we don’t have any Lykois that old yet.”

So for now kitty fans don’t have to feel guilty about looking at the cute hairless faces of werewolf cats that look ferocious but are actually quite vulnerable — they wouldn’t last long during the winter without a full coat of fur.

The werewolf cat isn’t the only internet kitty that won’t have to purchase a Halloween costume. According to Mashable, Lazarus the vampire cat is winning over the web with his resemblance to a supernatural creature of the night.

Lazarus is a rescue kitty that has a genetic defect, much like the werewolf cats. However, his cleft palate was an unhappy accident. The feline Nosferatu looks like he’s missing his nose, and his lower teeth are overexposed. This gives him the appearance of a vampire with upside down fangs. The vampire cat is a trained therapy pet, and owner Cindy Chambers hopes that he can use his unusual looks to raise awareness of other animals with special needs.

“He is the king of the cat tree, and Vine showcases that personality… our hope for him is to use his notoriety to help other animals in need, especially those with special needs.”

Lazarus is also a very big Vine celebrity. Chambers is often asked what he sounds like when he meows, so she shared a YouTube video of the vampire cat’s voice. It doesn’t have much bite, and he sounds nothing like Bela Lugosi.

Someone really needs to ask Spider Dog what he thinks about his creepy but cute Halloween costume competition.

So it’s time to make your choice: would you like your house to be haunted by a fuzzy werewolf cat or a fanged vampire cat?

[Photos via Gizmodo, Care for Lazarus/Facebook]