Amanda Knox's First Interview Is Highly Coveted, Could Set Record Price

After an Italian court overturned her murder conviction based on faulty DNA evidence and a lack of other materials Amanda Knox has quickly become the most sought out interview in the world, a fact that could bring her a substantial amount of money.

According to reports nearly every major news outlet has clamored to get their hands on Amanda for an exclusive first appearance interview.

Knox was jailed in 2007 and accused of murdering her then roommate Meredith Kercher during a sexual liason that went wrong. This week her case and the case of then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were overturned due to a complete lack of evidence and rumored police misconduct.

The rumor mill has either Diane Sawyer interviewing Knox for ABC World News Tonight or one of the cast from NBC's The Today Show although nothings set in stone at this time.

Given her worldwide exposure, injustices found in her case and the public interest in her story it shouldn't surprise too many people to learn that Knox is the most sought after interview since Jaycee Dugard sat down with Diana Sawyer earlier this year.

At this time there's no indication as to who Knox will choose to conduct her first interview with, we'll assume for the time being she'll want to get acclimated to her life back in the U.S. before she meets with anyone.

Does it surprise you to learn that all of the major networks are going after Amanda Knox for her first interview since being arrested in Italy?