Ray Rice To Appeal Suspension

Ray Rice being suspended indefinitely from the Baltimore Ravens, and the NFL, for dropping his fiance (now wife) with a left hook in a Las Vegas elevator, has resulted in many different views on what should happen to the Pro-Bowl running back moving forward.

Should Ray Rice’s two-game suspension, which include an admission of his wrongdoing during the initial investigation, have been overturned? Did Ray Rice violate some kind of NFL behavior clause in contracts with either the Ravens, the NFL, or both? Should public outrage, or not so much, dictate how such issues are resolved?

Regardless, Ray Rice is moving forward and challenging the fierce storm that has suddenly taken away he and his family’s livelihood. His wife, Janay Rice, is beyond critical of how the whole situation has unfolded.

Several NFL sources agree that Ray Rice will be stepping up to appeal the indefinite suspension come Monday, according to NBC Sports. The appeal will reportedly be overseen by the NFLPA and an additional lawyer brought on board by Rice.

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, will also be further put under the microscope as Rice’s appeal takes its course. The Commissioner is under fire on all fronts from those who believe he caved to public pressure while knowing all along that Ray Rice had decked his wife and knocked her unconscious.

A key point in the case will be Goodell’s inherent involvement, the Commish being the ultimate power over Rice’s appeal.

At the same time, Goodell will also be a witness during the appeal process. This puts him in an awkward position since one of the key questions is whether Rice lied to him or the NFL about anything that happened in the elevator. Ray Rice reportedly did no such thing, and told investigators what had happened from the beginning of investigations.

And this is what Ray Rice is expected to convey as his story: That he told the truth.

Ravens General Manager, Ozzie Newsome, is on Ray Rice’s side, and has said that Rice didn’t lie.

Regardless, the Raven’s running back, Ray Rice, isn’t taking his suspension sitting on the bench, and, backed by his wife, Janay, a lot remains to be seen with how the Ray Rice suspension will unfold.

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