'Big Brother 16': Does Victoria Rafaeli Deserve To Win?

Victoria Rafaeli is the last woman standing in this year's round of Big Brother. As viewers know, Victoria is famous -- or infamous -- for doing virtually nothing in the house. She is close to Derrick but has no solid alliance and has a great deal of difficulty winning competitions. Entertainment Weekly's recap of Wednesday night's episode focused on the self-proclaimed "princess" in the house, and her inexplicable value to the remaining players of the game:

"Follow this, if you can: Victoria is a useless player; because she is a useless player, she would be an ideal Final Four compatriot for a useful player; and that makes her one of the biggest threats to Frankie's game. Victoria is pure antimatter: If science could harness her, we'd already be on Mars."
A reader of Entertainment Weekly wrote in to compliment writer Darren Franich on his recap, and made an interesting suggestion: shouldn't Victoria win the game? The letter-writer, "Noam," suggested she is perhaps the biggest floater Big Brother has ever seen and it may very well get her to the end.

Franich's response did not discount the possibility:

"Quite a few Big Brother fans—and a couple of remaining houseguests—have noted the possibility that Victoria has inadvertently conceived an entirely new gameplay strategy. By making herself so utterly useless but also essentially inoffensive, she has become the perfect Final Two meatbag: Someone who absolutely no one will vote for, which means that whoever sits next to her will win.

I would love it if Victoria made it to the Final Two and gave an epic speech revealing that this was her plan all along—something similar to the end of The Usual Suspects, where she reveals her hair is a wig and starts talking in a British accent and basically explains that her strategy was based on lying to everyone all the time about everything."

Franich goes also says, however, that he doubts Rafaeli will win simply because the jury is unlikely to vote for her. There is a difference, he argues, between good strategy and non-strategy, and that difference is recognized among players of the Big Brother game.

In the meantime, Rafaeli was saved from eviction this past week due to the rewind and all eyes are again on Frankie Grande. While Grande seems set to head out the door, Rafaeli is helping Derrick out by pretending to be his foe, in order to trick the remaining house guests into thinking he doesn't have her jury vote.

The next episode of Big Brother airs on CBS Sunday.

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