Another Side Of The Story Emerges For The Sarah Palin Family Brawl

By now, just about the whole world has heard about the Sarah Palin family brawl at a birthday party last week. The stories vary little in the details, while the level of ridicule poked at the famous family varies with the publication. But like most stories, there’s usually another side.The Palin family side is now beginning to emerge. And it’s a pretty different picture than the one sprawled all over the media.

While there has been no comment as of yet from anyone in Sarah Palin’s family, “a source close to the Palin family” has spoken with Real Clear Politics, because he “wanted to provide their version of the events in question.” Some of the details are common to both versions of the events, but several key points diverge significantly from the media narrative.

There was a big shin-dig at somebody’s house in Anchorage, and it was a birthday party. On this point, all versions agree. The hosts were Matt and Marc McKenna, according to the NY Times, and they were celebrating their birthday. Todd Palin was celebrating the big 5-0 as well. There was live music and dancing, and several members of the Palin family were present. Also in attendance were some competitive snowmobile racers, besides Marc McKenna and Todd Palin.

Brawl Sarah Todd Palin

Stories consistently report that the Palins arrived in a stretch Hummer, that there was a brawl, and that some of the Palins were involved.

Here’s where the stories of the brawl start to diverge. The original Alaska bloggers’ version states that Track, Sarah Palin’s son, spotted an ex-boyfriend of his sister Willow, age 20, and made a bee-line to confront Conner Cleary, the former beau, and started the whole melee. One eyewitness, Eric Thompson, appeared on Good Morning America to tell what he saw, but he confessed to blogger Amanda Coyne that he did not see the part where the altercation began.

According to the source close to the Palins, that is not what happened. He said that the problem began with Cleary engaging in some unnamed “questionable behavior,” after which he tried to get into the Hummer. Four men “piled on” top of Track. Seeing his son involved in a one-against-four battle, Todd Palin joined in, presumably to get the guys off of his kid. That was how he ended up being bloodied up.


Track wound up with four cracked ribs, reports the source, which is consistent with him being at the bottom of the brawl, not the top.

About the seemingly narcissistic comment by Sarah Palin, “Don’t you know who I am,” the source tells a different story. What she is reported to have yelled is,

“Don’t you know who he is? He’s a veteran!”

A Facebook friend of Sarah Palin’s backs that part up in a comment on the birthday wishes to Todd Palin.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, in which Sarah Palin ran as Vice-President, she mentioned Track’s military service numerous times. Sarah had just returned home after speaking at a Houston fund-raiser for the group Mighty Oaks, which helps veterans to deal with PTSD. That event would have been fresh in her mind. She has made no secret of being proud of her veteran son. Sarah could possibly have been concerned about the fight triggering some PTSD symptoms.

Sarah Palin's Vet Son Brawl

The source goes on to say of Sarah, “From my understanding, she was in full ‘mama grizzly’ mode defending the kids.”

It is unclear at what point Bristol Palin got involved, but the story goes that she clobbered someone involved in the fight with “a mean right hook.” According to the source, that part was embellished as well.

She is left-handed.

The Police Department in Anchorage has confirmed that approximately 20 people were involved in the confrontation. Neither side has expressed a desire to press charges. The events of the evening are still under investigation.

The eyewitness who spoke to Good Morning America, Eric Thompson, has since been fired for his comments, according to a previous Inquisitr report. The thing is, he was employed by the McKenna Bros., owned by party hosts Matt and Marc McKenna.

An ancient Proverb says, “The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.” It will be interesting to see what further details come out in the investigation.

Was this the drunken free-for-all with the Palin family front and center, as the media has portrayed? Or is this a case of one member of Sarah Palin’s family being jumped, with the rest of the family coming to the defense of one of their own? What do you believe will emerge as the true version of the brawl? Also, if the Palin family source is correct, consider the implications of how this Mama Bear Sarah Palin in the White House might have responded differently to ISIS beheading two of our American civilians, and decorated Marine veteran Sgt. Tahmooressi being held in the Mexican prison.

[images via, Business Insider, Barracuda Brigade, and My Veteran]