WWE: CM Punk Shouldn’t Say ‘Never Ever’ To WWE Return, Says Dolph Ziggler

At one point or another, it seems like every wrestler has been asked their opinion about a potential CM Punk WWE return as if it is the second coming of wrestling. One reporter had a chance to stick a microphone in Dolph Ziggler’s face and he believes that Phil Brooks should not be saying he will “never ever” return to the WWE as previously promised earlier in the year.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s claimed the WWE is scrubbing CM Punk out of their history, although the rewriting of history has been on a piece-by-piece basis and has not yet included wholesale denial of anything major.

Dolph Ziggler spoke to CBS Cleveland in the below video and at one point the reporters asks if Ziggler actually believes CM Punk when he said he would never return.

“I’ve always been told to never say never in this business, or this guy will never work here, but yet here they are,” Ziggler said. “So you never know. So far, of all the nevers I’ve ever heard, none of them have ever stuck but you never know.”

At one point, WWE sources believed WWE 2K15 could be delayed by CM Punk’s lawsuit, but it’s possible there are several ways for the video game developer to work around the issue in time for October, including limiting the character to a purchasable CM Punk DLC. Still, removing Punk entirely might be kind of difficult since the storyline involves a feud with John Cena, which is being advertised as a primary featured of the new video game.

It’s also claimed this so-called lawsuit is not even really a lawsuit. Instead, WWE management is supposedly discussing various topics with the former WWE champion. While it is still possible a dispute in the negotiations could lead to a court case, so far it is said by sources that Phil and the WWE are attempting to work things out without dragging lawyers and judges into the works.

Do you think CM Punk will return to the WWE any time soon? Or do you think he will be hanging up his hoodie for at least several years?