Supreme Court Will Hear Health Care and Illegal Immigration Cases This Term

The Supreme Court will debate some controversial topics during its new term that could help, or hurt, President Obama win reelection. The Supreme Court will hear cases about health care, illegal immigration, and affirmative action during its new session which starts today.

The new session will see several civil rights issues come up for debate among the Justices. Bloomberg reports that the court is also slated to hear cases over police use of tracking devices and nudity on broadcast television. Health care is also expected to be on the docket this session, as President Obama urged the court to rule on health care soon.

Elizabeth Wydra, chief counsel of the Washington-based Constitutional Accountability Center, said:

“This term could turn out to be one of the most momentous Supreme Court terms in decades.”

The Supreme Court is expected to hear the health care and immigration cases toward the ends of its session. This means that two major rulings could come in around June, just five months before the 2012 election. According to Bloomberg, this means that the Supreme Court will have a huge influence on who wins the election.

Bloomberg writes:


“Health care alone would create the rare if not unprecedented scenario of an election-year Supreme Court ruling on a president’s signature legislative accomplishment.”

The Obama administration and the 26 states that oppose the health care law both filed filed appeals to the Supreme Court last week.

But Obama winning the health care ruling doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s on easy street. If the Supreme Court does rule that the health care law is constitutional, GOP candidates will likely highlight the fact that more Republicans need to have a seat on the Supreme Court bench.

How do you think the Supreme Court’s ruling on health care and immigration will impact on the 2012 election?