Best On-Time U.S. Airlines Ranked: See Which Airlines Have Most Prompt Flights

The best on-time U.S. airlines ranked for July 2014 has been determined by the U.S. Department of Transportation. In a report released this week, they list 14 airlines from best to worst in promptness.

Fliers deal with enough headaches without the added stress of delayed or canceled flights. In this breakdown of the best on-time airlines in the U.S., No. 1 is Hawaiian Airlines, while JetBlue Airlines comes in at No. 14.

The list is comprised of how the rankings fell for this year, as Dallas Morning News reports.

No. 1 is Hawaiian Airlines with the best track record of on-time flights at 93.3 percent, while Delta Airlines comes in second with 86.3 percent promptness. No. 3 is Alaska Airlines at 84.1 percent, with AirTran Airways at No. 4 at 83.1 percent. No. 5 is Virgin America carrying an 80.8 percent on-time record, No. 6 is SkyWest at 77.2 percent, and No. 7 is US Airways at 67.7 percent.

The other half of the list comprises of No. 8 being Frontier Airlines at 76.1 percent and No. 9 being held by United Airlines at 74.9 percent. Falling lower for the best on-time airlines rankings is ExpressJet at No. 11 holding a 73.4 percent record in 2014, while No. 12 is American Airlines at 72.3 percent.

As for the final two airlines not quite making the cut, Southwest Airlines lands the No. 13 spot with 69.4 percent and JetBlue Airways taking the No. 14 rank at 65.8 percent.

The average for all reporting airlines comes to 75.6 percent.

Lubbock Avalanche Journal notes that Southwest and AirTran are owned by Southwest Airlines Co., while American, US Airways, and Envoy are owned by American Airlines Group Inc. Envoy was formerly American Eagle.

The overall average for airlines reported by DOT comes to 75.6 percent of flights arriving on-time, or within 14 minutes.

Dallas Morning News added another segment to their list.

“Digging down deeper in the monthly report, we find that 6.5 percent of Southwest’s flights in July arrived late at least 70 percent of the time. Next worse is JetBlue with 2.3 percent of its flights. No other carrier had more than 1 percent of its flights late that often.”

According to the report, a “new internal campaign” will aim to detail steps to “tighten up” airplanes departing on time. This is sure to make travelers happy without the added frustration of altered schedules over flight delays and cancellations.

Not too long ago, The Inquisitr listed the worst airlines for travelers.

Southwest, Airtran, American Airlines, US Airways, and United Airlines had the worst record for customer satisfaction on that list. JetBlue, however, had the highest customer satisfaction ranking score of 79 out of 100. It fared far better on that list than the best on-time airlines rankings.

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